Ted Cruz Is Unstoppable

October 1st, 2013 | T. Carter 

Ted Cruz has worked his way up the Republican chain, almost from nowhere. He has made a lot of enemies along the way, there is no doubt about that. No Republican in recent history has managed to cause such controversy and ruffle so many feathers. This could be the type of Republican that the GOP needs to shake off a decade worth of decline and division. America's left-wing media lapdogs may think the Tea Party has faded from conservatism, but they couldn't be more wrong. The Tea Party and Ted Cruz could deliver one of the biggest defeats in Democratic history by uniting the party's factions. Those who hate him now will jump onto the Cruz Ship after the Princeton graduate proves himself as a force to be reckoned with. Once conservatives learn to trust Cruz, the game will change.

Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz was born in the conservative heart of Canada, a place better known by Canadians as Calgary, Alberta. It's a sanctuary for oil, entrepreneurialism, and money. Believe it or not, Canada's province of Alberta has a flat income tax and some of the lowest taxes in Canada, a country known by most Americans as a hub for big government, exhaustive regulations, and high taxes. Whether it was embedded into his DNA or not, Ted Cruz is a born conservative. If Cruz could have chosen to be born anywhere in Canada, he probably would have chose Alberta. Ted Cruz is a natural conservative and nothing is capable of changing that. 

Cruz has always been undeterred in his ideology. Many of his Princeton alumni have said that the Ted Cruz of today is the very same Ted Cruz from Princeton. He ran a debate team, had feisty and sometimes heated arguments with liberal classmates, and he never showed much fear when it came to offending others. Ted Cruz was a conservative and he wasn't about to let anyone make him feel ashamed about it. 

Cruz's father fought with Fidel Castro at the age of 14, too young to know what communism was all about. This fact will likely be invisible when desperate Democrats try to rip into his family history and smear his character, his past, and his family in 2016. They will take his father's history into the public eye and leave out the fundamental truths, disregarding and ignoring the naivety of most 14-year-old children. Being Canadian born, Democrats will try to feed Republicans their own "birther" medicine, as they already have, and paint Cruz as a hypocrite while linking him to the few Tea Party radicals who still think Barack Obama was born in Kenya. These issues may have been put to bed for now, but they'll be awakened again in 2016. 

Ted Cruz won't be stopped. No one has been able to stop him yet. When it comes to delivering principles and promises, Cruz's word is worth more than money. He does what he says and says what he means. He isn't intimidated by the left-wing media, the Democrats, or his own party's establishment. His 20-hour talk-a-thon was the the most sincere and genuine attempt by any Republican to stop Obamacare. When it comes down to brass tacks, Republicans won't have anything to tell their constituents when they are asked why Obamacare was allowed to become law. Ted Cruz will. 

Most people didn't know much about Cruz until this year. You know when a Republican has become a truly powerful force by how many times his name appears in left-wing smear pieces at Salon, The Daily Beast, or the Huffington Post. Ted Cruz must be close to breaking some kind of record. He has been called everything from a misogynist to a foolish radical. The truth is, he is neither. 

During the W. Bush campaign of 2000, Cruz acted as a policy adviser. Cruz also helped assemble the legal team that fought for Bush's side at the Supreme Court during the Florida recounts that eventually ended up winning Bush the presidency. After the win, Cruz was appointed to a position in the Department Of Justice. He later went on to serve in Texas as Solicitor General until 2008. 

In 2012, Cruz ran for Senate and won. His victory was one of the few, truly grassroots victories in recent history. News agencies referred to his win as one of the biggest and most unexpected wins of 2012. Very few people saw it coming. It was every Texas Democrat's worst nightmare. Since his win, Ted Cruz has posed one of the biggest threats to the Obama Administration's healthcare plan, gun control initiative, and policy on Syria. To Obama and Democrats, Ted Cruz is much more than a mere nuisance. He is a legitimate threat.  

A man who is just a nuisance or a phony doesn't have hundreds and thousands of words spent undermining him and his credibility. The left is out to get Cruz. There is no doubt about it. Being the dirty, depraved, and often immoral monstrosity that it is, the American left can be successful at tearing down a good person. Whether Republicans will stand to defend him, for the good of themselves and their own party, has yet to be seen. The ones who don't will likely vanish with the Republican's ancient class and become a piece of the party's regretful history. 

Ted Cruz will be America's next president, with or without the Republican elite.