Socialist Dating Page Spurs Rare Media Attention 

May 17th, 2014 | Poletical News 

A Facebook dating page aimed at socialists plans to expand beyond Facebook after receiving over 3000 likes since May 4th. The site, which would follow its Facebook page, would be called OKComrade. The Facebook page's founder, known as Jacob, has put forth a series of rules for users. Two of those rules forbid users from engaging in heterosexism and transphobia.

There's no telling how many would have known about this Facebook page, had it not been featured on various media platforms, like Slate, The Huffington Post, and Salon, just days after it was launched. The likelihood of Facebook pages garnering any media attention is very rare. Not much is known about OKComrade's creator, but many of his/her posts to the page have seemed satirical. It is also not known whether the page's creator is employed by a media organization or whether the page was ever promoted to media in order to receive attention. 

Since the page was launched at the beginning of May, many people who identify as socialists or communists have posted their profiles to the page, while the moderator has shared links to media that promote the page, as well as links and images from other socialist and communist Facebook pages.