Salon's Latest Racial Fail

July 2nd, 2016 | T. Carter
salon racism

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Salon – it's a hardcore, left-wing trash syndicate that is losing readership faster than MSNBC is losing viewers. The editors at Salon never spoil an opportunity to use racism as an excuse for everything. Following the Charleston tragedy, their race-baiting reached disgusting levels and their efforts to turn everything into a racially driven narrative are ceaseless. Even between tragedies, Salon spends time publishing things like “Why I Can't Stand White Belly Dancers”, “The Politics Of Being Friends With White People” and doozies like “White Men Must Be Stopped: The Very Future Of Mankind Depends On It”, which they proudly republished from another equally pathetic blog called Alternet. As more and more people find out that Salon is not just harmless satire, the blog's shenanigans are wearing people's patience thinner and thinner. There is no clearer evidence for people's dwindling tolerance for Salon's racial obsession than the reactions to Nico Lang's impotent attempt to shame Blake Lively and the producers of The Shallows in a piece called “Yet Another White Lady In Jeopardy.

In what can only be called an epic fail, Nico Lang's attempts to shame Hollywood producers was met with swift mockery and ridicule on Facebook and Twitter – even from the likes of self professed progressives and liberals. One Facebook commenter even accused the “weenies at Salon” of losing touch with reality. To open his dud of a smear piece, Lang asked, “How many brown people have to die so Blake Lively can live?”

He went on to say:

'The Shallows' is yet another in a string of movies that amount to white survival porn – in which the trials of Caucasian tourists are treated as more important than the suffering of the people of color around them.”

It sounds a lot like Nico Lang thinks that Hollywood should start apologizing for not making every one of their movies a manifesto for social justice warriors. Lang goes on to complain about how we don't learn enough about the movie's Latino extras and background characters, and about how Latinos are always cast as “shark bait”when they aren't chauffering rich white people around – which is completely false. Lang seems to have conveniently forgotten all of the insufferable Jennifer Lopez movies we have had to endure. Black actors like Will Smith, Denzel Washington and Jamie Fox have also taken on prominent hero roles in Hollywood while white actors played their sidekicks and foes.

Reactions to Lang's pathetic attempt to shame Hollywood were immediate and Salon's link to Lang's piece received only 25 likes in over an hour. Almost all of the comments were of a mocking nature and directly named Nico Lang and Salon as shameless race-baiters.

Since April, Salon lost over 300 positions in its Alexa ranking. If that isn't a strong indicator of people's mood toward the trash syndicate, then who knows what is. Although Alexa is not the best indicator of raw site traffic (because it relies on users downloading their browser tool for accurate tracking), it offers a valid glimpse of trends – and Salon is trending downward at an alarming rate. When compared to Breitbart, Salon is hemorrhaging uncontrollably.

This isn't the first racialist fail by Salon and it likely won't be the last. If you're getting tired of it, the simplest thing to do is turn it off. Unfollow, unsubscribe and unlike the trash syndicate before they let their egos churn out more race obsessed garbage.