What Is Safety-Whistle Politics?

October 1st, 2016 | R. Rados
safety whistle

I'm going to introduce you to a term that doesn't exist, but should. It's the very opposite of what is known as “dog-whistle politics”, which is used to describe a type of language or gesture that is designed to attract a certain segment of the electorate. The worst thing about the term is how often it gets misused. “Dog whistle” is most commonly used to describe a type of coded gesture that appeals to the secret bigot that lives in all of us. Those people who throw the term “dog-whistle” around liberally – at anyone who has a different opinion – should be accused of engaging in “safety-whistle politics”.

You can buy a safety whistle at any Wal-Mart. A safety whistle can be used to ward off bears while hiking, or to alert other hikers of a nearby wild animal. It can be used by anyone, anywhere to draw attention to an imminent threat and to scare away predators. When we think of safety-whistle politics and how to use the term appropriately, we need to think about The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Unlike a dog whistle, a safety whistle is designed to be heard by everyone. But, just like a dog whistle, a safety whistle can be used for all the wrong reasons.

In politics, a safety whistle is most commonly used by anti-conservatives to scare potential voters away from a particular candidate, or to draw negative attention to a candidate that they're trying to brand as a predator. As we know, the most popular trend among progressive politicos is crying foul over non-existent bigotry. To hyper-progressives, logical border controls, security and shared values are considered bigotry – not because they're actually staples of bigotry, but because racist is the most popular buzz-word of the day. Anyone who refuses to display “progressive values” is racist, bigotted, homophobic, sexist, misogynistic, disgusting, depraved, immoral and sub-human. With the aloof and absurdly clueless nature of modern progressivism, the need to call out safety-whistle politics has never been greater.

A person who resorts to safety-whistle politics is a walking, talking, textbook definition of a cry-baby. They're the people who commend each other for calling mean people racist and who encourage participation awards in schools. They're the people who feel unsafe around Trump hats and who want to imprison people with incendiary opinions. They're the people who have turned bitching and whining into a legitimate political strategy that people are becoming increasingly more sick of. If there's one thing we should thank safety-whistle politics for, it should be for creating people like Donald Trump, Milo Yiannopoulos, Andrew Breitbart, Ann Coulter, Ezra Levant and every other flame throwing guerrilla of the century. The absurd extremism of safety-whistle politics has created a monster of the opposite extreme.

If you've ever called someone you disagreed with a racist and you're confused about Donald Trump's vast appeal, look in the fucking mirror.

Safety-whistle politics isn't only an absurd strategy, it's a lazy strategy. It can be considered a staple of the new generation. The people crying foul the most about non-existent racism are usually under the age of 30, which should come as no surprise, since a scary majority of North Americans under 30 are delicate snowflakes who are too fragile to pick up a shovel. It's this same laziness that compels modern feminists to take the easy road by enrolling in gender studies instead of electrical engineering, so they can spend their lives complaining about gender inequality instead of working. It's the same kind of laziness that compels a young and capable person to live at home for free, so they can bitch about social injustice and post ironically dumb Bernie Sanders memes on Reddit. This poor, hard-done-by generation gave us safety-whistle politics and it's people like Donald Trump who are going to slap those whistles right out of their mouths.

Yes, that's right. I said Donald Trump and “slap” in the same sentence. Does that make you feel unsafe? It's called figurative speech, but let's not pretend a real slap wouldn't do you some good if you're offended. If you're looking for a number to call so you can rat me out for encouraging violence, it's 9-1-1.

Safety-whistle politics is basically the misuse, over-use and exaggeration of racism, bigotry, homophobia, ageism, ableism, sexism and every other discriminatory “ism” progressives can find. It's the equivalent of pointing at someone you don't like and calling them a bully for disagreeing. It's the act of shaming someone as loudly and as vigorously as possible for having a different point of view. It's the act of falsely accusing someone of racism or bigotry for political gain.

Examples of safety-whistle politics seem more abundant today than they were 20 years ago, mainly because of the reason I stated above. With a mainstream media that's eager to exaggerate the influence of a single tweet, we've ended up here. We're at a place where the opinions and complaints of a tiny minority are inflated into something bigger. When one person tweets their outrage over something goofy and a bunch of people retweet it, mainstream media treats it like a reflection of the majority's sentiment. The reality is that most of us only click the news links and watch the segments because we're stunned at how ridiculous these people are, not because we agree with them. Mainstream media then takes the ratings these idiotic stories produce and tries to replicate them as often as possible. As a result, we're left with whiny children whose actions are being encouraged and validated.

If you need examples of safety-whistle politics, I'm happy to oblige.

In 2012, Newt Gingrich repeatedly referred to Barack Obama as the “food stamp president” and was quickly attacked for being a racist and using dog-whistle politics and code words. To the real racists – who happen to be liberals and progressives – Newt was being racist because, according to them, only black people use food stamps. According to 2013 statistics from the US Department Of Agriculture, 40% of food stamp recipients are white and the numbers grew under Barack Obama. Newt Gingrich called Obama the food stamp president because he is the food stamp president.

Just this year, Donald Trump was attacked for tweeting an image of Crooked Hillary with a red star describing her as “the most corrupt candidate ever”. To progressives, the star looked oddly similar to the Star Of David. Since most progressives are familiar with the Star Of David – because they spend so much time criticizing Israel and pushing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions – they immediately spotted the uncanny resemblance and pounced on the opportunity to accuse Trump of racism. Despite being a common shape in most Microsoft and office programs, Trump's campaign changed the star to a circle following the phony scandal. Trump's stunning daughter, Ivanka, is also a Jewish convert who married a Jew.
Back to 2012, Mitt Romney was accused of racism on several occasions by pundits and talking heads. One instance in particular revolved around him telling his supporters that if members of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement Of Colored People) want free stuff, they should vote for Obama. His remarks followed a poor reception at the NAACP following a speech in which he promised to repeal Obamacare and got booed. According to progressives, only black and coloured people are poor and dependent on Obamacare, so Mitt Romney is racist. Mitt Romney made similar gaffes throughout his campaign, including his infamous 47% comment, which also earned him the title of racist for referring to 47% of Americans as freeloaders who like free stuff. Even though non-white Americans only make up 30% of the population, Mitt Romney was a total racist for telling the truth.

Back to this year, Donald Trump is a racist because he thinks America's black communities have been devastated and are in the worst conditions they've ever been in. Rewind to 2008 when Obama and Hillary said basically the same things to pander to black voters:

The average African-American family has lost $2,600 in income. Compare that to the prior 8 years, the typical African-American family went up $7,600 in the 1990s.”  – Hillary Clinton, January 21, 2008, Democratic Debate

A lack of economic opportunity among black men, and the shame and frustration that came with not being able to provide for one's family, contributed to the erosion of black families – a problem that welfare policies for many years may have worsened.”  – Barack Obama, Change We Can Believe In, 2008

Other candidates have been able to criticize despair and poverty within black communities, historic or otherwise, without being called racist. If Donald Trump were just making things up, it would be fair to call him racist, but he isn't. According to the US Census Bureau, poverty within African-American communities has risen steadily in the past eight years. Black child poverty rates have stayed the same while child poverty rates for Hispanics and whites have decreased. Crime in America's inner cities and African-American communities has risen and murder rates have skyrocketted since 2008 in cities like Chicago, Baltimore, New York and Cleveland. Overall, violent crime rates have risen by nearly 4%. But, since Hillary and incumbent Democrats want to win this year, we're pretending America's black communities are paved with gold.

In Canada, we have our fair share of safety-whistle politics. Just recently, a future Liberal Party leadership candidate, Michael Chong, accused a Conservative Party leadership candidate of dog-whistle politics for suggesting immigrants should be screened for Canadian values. Being the sterile, culture-less cads they are, progressives pretended to be outraged and confused by the notion of something called a “Canadian value”. Thus, controversy ensued. However, the candidate caught in the crosshairs – Kellie Leitch – was quickly recognized as a serious Conservative leadership contender.

Don't let facts get in the way, though. Donald Trump and Kellie Leitch are racists. Anyone who criticizes the numerous crimes committed by Islamic migrants in Europe over the past year is also a racist. Any non-liberal who points out the importance of border security, immigration control or the disproportionate crime and poverty rates in non-white communities is a racist. Nevermind the facts. Pull out your safety whistles and start pointing at everyone who abuses you with their fact-based micro-aggressions.