Words Of Caution For Pierre Poilievre

February 6th, 2022 | RR

Once you are elected leader of the Conservative Party, the Liberal machine won't hold back. Every word, every past decision, every skeleton will be used against you. Things no one knew about you will be brought to light. You are the strongest contender for the PMO yet and they know it. You aren't weak, you don't mince words and you're Justin Trudeau's most fierce opponent to date. They will pull out all the artillery, but it shouldn't just be Liberals that retain your focus. Be mindful of those within your inner circle.

The knives are always out.

Conservative factions are the most divided they've been in more than two decades. Erin O'Toole's team smeared and deceived their way into leadership, but no one expects you to do the same. Why? Because you don't have to. If you keep doing everything you've been doing, there won't be a need to misrepresent yourself, or to call yourself something you aren't. Everyone knows where you stand, which is why you've been organically recognized as the party's next leader.

Everything about your rise to the top has been organic. You didn't have to pander, lie and convince anyone about who you really are and what you can achieve. You're best bet is to keep doing what you've been doing. That's all any of us expect.

Avoid the big party strategists who have failed to elevate the party and the movement since Harper's departure. They're losers and they have no idea how to win. They pushed Harper in the wrong direction in 2015 and helped him snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. If you recall, Conservatives were leading in the early days of the campaign—just like they were in 2021, before O'Toole and his gaggle of buffoons fucked it up.

You need fresh faces and people who will follow your lead, without trying to have you follow theirs.

As for the Liberal/media cabal, do what you have always done best and fight back. Don't capitulate like O'Toole and Scheer. When they throw something at you, throw it back. That's what every single conservative wants to see. We're tired of seeing our leaders pivot and bend whenever the corporate media and Liberals try to distort the narrative. That's not what real leaders do. Real leaders do what you have been doing for most of your career. They don't submit to the status quo, they change it.

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But, be ready. When you fight hard, they'll fight even harder. Look how they relentlessly smeared the trucker convoy because they knew they were facing a real threat to their dominance. The corporate media and Liberals have had a monopoly on the Canadian mainstream since longer than I've been alive, so when they face a real challenge, they go as low as they need to go. They won't hold back, even when they know it could damage their reputations. Why? Because it doesn't matter. They know they lose, either way. They're like suicide bombers—they'd rather go out with a bang and maximize the damage on their way out.

If there's anything hiding in your closet, get ahead of it now.

Conservatives and most Canadians appreciate honesty. Except for hardcore Liberals, most Canadians don't like being lied to. Keep in mind that Justin Trudeau only garnered 33% of the popular vote in the past two elections. Those are beatable numbers and most Canadians think of him as a dishonest hack. A majority of Canadians have, in fact, recognized his lies and scandals and rejected his leadership. Had there been stronger alternatives, Trudeau would have lost a long time ago.

When your leadership of the Conservative Party becomes official, everyone will be at your door. Lobbyists, old party strategists (who only know how to lose), activists, pro-life groups, pro-choice groups, high ranking MPs, premiers, scholars, celebrities and pundits. All of them will try to bend you and shape your leadership. If you're as smart as everyone thinks you are, you'll beat your own path and tell them where the party is going. You'll give them the choice to follow, or to be left behind.

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