American Pedophilia: What We Know

March 1st, 2017 | T. Carter
pedophiles in america

Pedophilia has been on the radar more now than ever before. It started with conspiracy theories around a pizza shop in Washington DC and, most recently, with the downfall of right-wing activist Milo Yiannopoulos, as well as over 1,000 arrests around the United States in a single month. Ashton Kutcher has also testified in hearings about incidents of child trafficking that were uncovered by his team. Child and sex trafficking are an epidemic around the world, but as it strikes up more conversations and leads to more mainstream coverage, it will inevitably expose high ranking officials and elites around the globe who have helped the industry thrive this long. Child trafficking and prostitution are lucrative businesses that provide expensive services that only the world's most wealthy can afford. This makes it almost certain that the industry's biggest customers are some of society's most powerful people.

It is curious that the United States has not yet had the foundations of its establishment rocked, like the United Kingdom has, with allegations of high level pedophilia and prostitution. As I described in December, the UK has been reeling from an extraordinary number of exposures in recent years that have implicated some of the country's most prominent figures in child trafficking and prostitution scandals. It's beginning to seem more unfeasible that no one in high ranking positions in the United States have ever engaged in illegal acts involving children. Widespread scandals in several countries have been uncovered over the years, but nothing similar has yet shattered the Washington establishment in America. Nothing that we know of, anyway.

Rumors have swirled around Hollywood since the 1970s about high level players in the film industry having been involved in pedophilia and possible trafficking. Both Corey Feldman and Elijah Wood have talked about an epidemic of child rape and pedophilia in Hollywood, but no charges have ever been laid against any well-known, high level players. This raises the question about whether a similar conspiracy of silence and inaction may be playing out in Washington DC.

Instead of speculating and stirring the conspiracy pot, we should take a look at the facts and the incidents that point to a widespread epidemic of pedophilia in America.

California And Hollywood

On February 23, Donald Trump made a statement that hinted at a larger, much broader investigation into trafficking. “Dedicated men and women across the federal government have focused on this for some time, as you know. It has been much more focused over the last four weeks,” he said. Since taking office, trafficking rings have been broken in Tennessee, California and Texas under Donald Trump's authority.

The largest happened in California on January 29, when 28 children were rescued and almost 500 individuals were arrested, as reported by KTLA:

In total, 474 arrests were made, including 142 males on solicitation charges, and 36 males on suspicion of pimping, according to figures provided by the Sheriff’s Department.

Additionally, 28 commercially and sexually exploited children and 27 adult victims were rescued.

The minors who were recovered during the operation were being cared for by various children and family services agencies across the state, according to sheriff’s officials. The Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking and the Saving Innocence organization were coordinating efforts to help victims in L.A. County.”

The number of people arrested in that single operation immediately informs us that this was no minor trafficking operation. What was uncovered in California was much more than just a few petty criminals trafficking children and women, it was a large scale and widespread operation involving nearly 500 people from all walks of life.

To add credence to the fact that the Trump administration is enforcing an unprecedented crackdown, we have the statement of Joseph Macias, a special agent with Homeland Security:

Our goal in this unprecedented collaborative enforcement effort was two-fold. First, to provide vital services to any sex trafficking victims we encountered, so they can begin to reclaim and rebuild their lives. Second, to start the process to reclaim and rebuild the neighborhoods that have been degraded by organized prostitution schemes which not only exploit the vulnerable, but also often draw other criminal enterprises into the area.”

According to the press release, up to 30 agencies were involved in the operation. His admission that it was an “unprecedented collaborative enforcement effort” suggests that it's no longer business as usual under the Trump Administration.

Details haven't been released about the identities of those arrested. What we do know, however, is that the arrests covered a large span of geography across California. Of the arrested, 142 were men taken on charges of solicitation, 238 were individuals taken on charges of prostitution and 36 were taken on charges related to pimping.

California is America's third wealthiest state by median income. Hollywood and its surrounding areas are particularly wealthy, making it a valuable target for the trafficking industry. If you're curious about how many sex offenders there are in California and Los Angeles, you can do a public government search at Megan's Law. Be assured, the numbers are alarming. Some of the names of the 474 offenders who were arrested in January will eventually appear in the search if they are convicted.

For further reference, Washington DC and its surrounding areas are the third wealthiest among major cities, by median income, in America.

The Mystery Of Sarah Dunsey

In many cases, trafficked children and women are abducted. A recent case of alleged abduction in Nevada made headlines in Los Angeles, following the disappearance of Sarah Dunsey:

The girl's family says the teen is a victim of sex trafficking. She was last seen Jan. 15 at the MGM Grand Las Vegas Hotel & Casino .

Her family -- who live in Logan, about 70 miles north of Salt Lake City -- believe she was abducted in Las Vegas, KTLA sister station KSTU in Salt Lake City reported.

'Our daughter Sarah Dunsey was abducted from Las Vegas, Nevada; she's being held against her will and Sarah is a victim of sex trafficking,' Dunsey's mother said in the video, which was posted to YouTube.

On Friday, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children said Sarah Dunsey could still be in Las Vegas or in the Los Angeles area. The group issued a flyer in Dunsey's disappearance.” -- KTLA, February 17

Authorities and organizations investigating Dunsey's disappearance at the time indicated that she may be in Los Angeles, adding credence to the fact that trafficking has particularly been a lucrative and widespread business in California, more than other states.

Days later, Dunsey was found in Venice and reunited with her family following a tip to the FBI. The viral video created by her family was attributed to helping locate her. Two men were arrested in connection with her disappearance, but authorities were sparse on details, as reported by Fox 13:

McCulloch said two men who were allegedly with Sarah have been taken into custody.

They said they aren't able to say anything more because of the ongoing investigation.

Fox 13 News has reached out to police in Logan, Las Vegas and Los Angeles for confirmation and information on the case.

More details will be posted as they become available.”

Sarah Dunsey's disappearance and reappearance are strange and suspicious to say the least. Following the emotional reunion, reports began indicating that there was no evidence of kidnapping and that Dunsey's parents may have fabricated the story. Dunsey's family has since lashed out at authorities and media for suggesting that Sarah Dunsey was not a victim of trafficking, as reported by The Daily Mail:

The aunt of Utah teenager Sarah Dunsey wrote an emotional post on the 'Help Us Find Sarah Dunsey' Facebook page on Friday, lashing out at the 'cruel' response the family is receiving for maintaining that the teen was kidnapped.

Dunsey's unidentified aunt wrote: 'This is Sarah's aunt. It has been very difficult for our family to stay silent, especially the last few days. People can be incredibly cruel.

'Our number one priority is to protect Sarah and the ongoing investigation. We cannot share any details, however, we do wish to publicly say that Sarah is a victim, despite other claims.'

Dunsey 'was not kidnapped' and there is 'no evidence any crime has occurred' in Las Vegas, police disclosed to

The 17-year-old is thought to have left the MGM Grand hotel with two men 'willingly' and without putting up any sort of struggle.

Further, sources at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said they were not notified about the case until January 30 – a full two weeks after the high school student disappeared.”

For some reason, Dunsey's family has maintained that Sarah was a victim of trafficking, but authorities have suggested that no evidence of trafficking or kidnapping exists. The strange turn of events and complete reversal in news reports about the incident have – for obvious reasons– ignited conspiracy theories around the web. In cases like this, there is nothing wrong with asking questions. As of now, several questions have yet to be answered. Who were the two men that were arrested? Why were they arrested? Why would Sarah Dunsey's entire family fabricate such a story and continue standing by that story even after several law enforcement officials have contradicted it? Why were Los Angeles and California identified so early on as places Sarah might be?

All reporting about the incident seems to have stopped for now, so the public might never have answers to those questions.


On February 14, the FBI raided the offices of the European Adoption Consultants in Strongsville, Ohio. The home of the international adoption agency's founder was also raided by officials and boxes of seized material were extracted from both locations. The US Department Of State alleges that the agency failed to prevent bribery and the exploitation, trafficking and abduction of children.

WKYC NBC reported:

The FBI has confirmed to Channel 3 News that they executed a raid on a Strongsville international adoption agency Tuesday morning.

Back in December the U.S. Department of State debarred European Adoption Consultants (EAC) from continued operation citing 'a pattern of serious, willful, or grossly negligent failure to comply' with standards for international adoption.

Among the allegations by the state department, the EAC '…failed to adequately supervise…preventing the sale, abduction, exploitation, or trafficking of children.' And that they failed safety procedures that prevent '…solicitation of bribes; fraudulently obtaining birth parent consent…' to get the children here.”

Such a revelation regarding an international adoption agency's complicity in trafficking and bribery hints at yet another large scale operation that was ignored or aided by people within the agency. According to the allegations, employees in the agency may have accepted bribes and allowed the trafficking of children into the United States. This means that the EAC may have acted as an entry point into the United States for child traffickers.


As part of a nationwide Super Bowl trafficking sting, Cook County and Arlington Heights in Illinois netted over 100 arrests involving prostitution and trafficking. The Chicago Tribune elaborated on the nationwide aspects of the sting:

Among the incidents reported in the nationwide sting were an alleged sex seller in Houston who was shot in the head by an alleged sex buyer; an alleged buyer who had his 4-year-old son with him; and three alleged buyers who were arrested in connection with attempts to solicit a minor for commercial sex, authorities said.”


Dating back to November, a Portland strip club was reported to be under investigation for trafficking a minor. As reported by KOIN 6, Club Rouge was searched as part of an ongoing investigation into child and sex trafficking:

The FBI confirmed the search warrant was executed November 16 at Club Rouge, located at Southwest 4th and Stark.

In a prepared statement, the FBI said: 'This search warrant is part of an ongoing investigation into the sexual exploitation of minors and is a follow-on to Operation Cross Country X (10), which is a program spearheaded by the FBI and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to target the criminal enterprises responsible for the commercial sex trafficking of children.'

The case is being investigated by the Beaverton Police Department.”

According to Sarah Nedeau, a human trafficking specialist, trafficking is embedded into Portland's culture and many of the city's strip clubs act as hubs for traffickers. As Greg Leonov writes for Advocate Online:

In Portland, the trafficking industry has three main characteristics, she said: It’s local, it’s generational, and it’s culturally embedded.

It’s a local issue because purchasers and victims are usually members from our community. 'They were born here, they were raised here, they’re being trafficked here, they’re looking for sex here,' Nedeau said. It’s generational, too, because mothers who entered ‘the life’ early sometimes raise their kids to become involved as well, she said.

Among U.S. cities, Portland has the most strip clubs in relation to the local population, said Nedeau. These places are sometimes trafficking hubs. 'Either strip club owners are not enforcing age guidelines around who they’re employing, or there’s a gradual expansion of boundaries and maybe the owner of the strip club is also encouraging folks to engage in more expansive forms of sex work,' she explained.”

NASA, NSA, Pentagon

Going all the way back to August of 2015, there is the now forgotten story of employees at NASA purchasing child pornography and managing to avoid prosecution. A government probe conducted by the FBI in 2010 was what uncovered the employees who were alleged to have purchased explicit child pornography from the Ukraine and Belarus online.

The investigation also traced purchases back to employees and contractors from the Pentagon and NSA. The Daily Mail reported:

The investigation began in 2007 when more than 33,000 images of minors being abused flooded into the country.

Investigators identified more than 5,200 citizens across the country who had paid for a subscription to illicit websites in order to access the content.

In 2010 it was revealed that 264 of these worked for the Pentagon as either employees or contractors. Some of them worked for the NSA and had top security clearance.

But the Daily Mail Online can reveal for the first time that NASA employees were also identified in the sickening scheme in the same year.

However their names have been redacted in documents obtained by Daily Mail Online via a Freedom of Information Act request from NASA's Office of Inspector General.”

This case dates back more than 7 years, but it gives us a good indication that when criminal acts like this are uncovered at the top levels of the US government, the criminals are protected. The Daily Mail points out that, had the employees been criminally charged, their names would have been made public. That was not the case and NASA refused to provide any further details:

It is not known whether any of the NASA employers were questioned, but it is clear they were not prosecuted - as their names have not been revealed.

If they had been found guilty of a crime, their names would not have been redacted in the disclosed files.

A spokesman for NASA told Daily Mail Online they would not be commenting beyond what was stated in the FOIA documents.”

This one of the more recent incidents of widespread criminality in high government ranks in the United States, involving child pornography, that made substantial headlines. Only weeks after the story broke, it disappeared and hasn't been revisited by mainstream media since. The fact that absolutely no names were released and no criminal charges were ever laid suggests that the US government would not hesitate to protect its own employees in cases of child pornography and trafficking. This case was one of the most troubling, but one of the most minimally covered cases of widespread pedophilia inside the highest levels of the United States government.

Not So Far-Fetched

The silence around open acts of trafficking and pedophilia have been evident in the past. From high profile cases in the UK to the Pentagon and NASA in the United States, pedophilia has gone unchecked and unpunished more than once inside the highest levels of government. It was recently revealed that one of Britain's Prime Ministers, Edward Heath, was a pedophile. Before this revelation, Britons were horrified to find out that one of their cultural heroes, Jimmy Savile, was a life-long pedophile who molested hundreds of children. These two prominent men managed to survive their whole lives without ever being prosecuted. For more cases of high level pedophilia in the UK, read Pedophilia And Politics: The Dark Truth.

As Corey Feldman would contend, pedophilia is often covered up and those who know about it are afraid to speak out. Prolific offenders like Jimmy Savile are not a myth. Men like him avoided prosecution because those who knew him were afraid to expose him. It has happened before and crimes like this are likely continuing to happen in some of America's most powerful institutions.

It's time for Americans to speak up.