Open Borders Are About White Supremacy And Racism

June 1st, 2017 | S.P.

Harkening back to the days when we pernicious whites ruined the world and enslaved minorities, today's open borders in Europe should be regarded as much of the same. Because we whites will never live down the atrocities we alone have allegedly committed throughout history, it is strange that this new penchant for white supremacy being put on display in Europe has gone unnoticed. What on God's white Earth am I talking about, you ask?

What if I told you that the open borders policies of Merkel and Macron and the European Union were deeply rooted in white supremacy rather than compassion and equity? It is easy to suggest a vast, left-wing conspiracy of sorts encompassing the globe and pursuing a pro-Islamist agenda, but a more reasoned look into human nature may give us a more accurate answer. The latter assumes the more obvious observation that we humans are not intellectually capable of achieving such a grandiose, well-calculated conspiracy. Therefore, looking at our nature as primitive beasts that emerged from a swamp of evolutionary biology gives us a more accurate assessment.

The eager beavers of the left, who have been admonishing us and themselves for our white supremacy and racism, should have no hesitation swallowing this theory and letting it rest comfortably inside of their little bellies.

The flood of non-white migrants into Europe and the media's efforts to cover-up their crimes is much about a conspiracy, but not a sophisticated or elaborate one like the folks at Infowars would have you believe. As you will find, the conspiracy is rather unsophisticated and shoddy at the very best. What we are seeing in Germany and in France is an unpleasant cocktail of the voting public's white guilt and the aristocracy's white supremacy. As France's self-loathing whites rallied in fear against Marine Le Pen, the country's elites looked onward to a future of higher tax revenues and cheap labour. As the cost of moderately educated and unionized white labour soars across Europe, the need for lower labour costs has enticed Europe's mostly white, elite millionaire classes. No one has understood this crisis better than France's new, white millionaire president and investment banker, Emmanuel Macron.

Labour Costs

It was noticed in 2013 by members of the global press that labour costs in several European countries had begun to soar.

German labor costs surged 3.9 percent in the first three months of 2013, which had been the steepest quarterly rise in more than three years, the German statistics office, Destatis, said Friday.

Compared with the previous quarter, unit labor costs, which identify the costs for an hour of work, increased by 1.1 percent, the office said.

Destatis attributed the rise to 3.5 percent higher wages on average, as well as an increase of 5.3 percent in non-wage labor costs, such as contributions to the German social system paid by employers. In addition, a higher than normal number of German workers had been on sick leave in the quarter, which had weighed on businesses' payroll expenses, Destatis said.

After more than a decade of falling real incomes in Germany, labor unions have been able to secure substantially higher wages in recent years, lowering the competitive advantage of German labor over their counterparts in the European Union.”Deutsche Welle, 2013

In France, too, labour costs have risen, albeit less dramatically but despite the country's stagnated economy.

In 2015, German labor costs are set to rise even further as the country's metalworkers have already secured pay increases to the tune of 3.4 percent, while the chemical union and the public sector union are demanding hikes of 4.8 percent and 5.5 percent respectively.

In France, which is struggling amid economic stagnation, labor costs over the year expanded by only 0.5 percent. The biggest increases, alongside Greece, were reported from Estonia, up 6.3 percent and Slovakia where labor costs grew 5.7 percent.”Deutche Welle, 2015

When the costs of everyday living begin to sour the moods of Europe's white elites, that is when change fills the air and the winds shift direction. Following the labour shortages and the migrant crisis, both Germany and France have invited more than one million migrants across their borders collectively. The European Union is now threatening its other member nations to do the same or suffer grave consequences.

Although less than 15% of Germany's migrants have found employment, the nation's white elites view the situation as a natural phase of transformation, as the ends always justify the means.

White Confidence, White Control

Europe's white class of elites and aristocrats have enough confidence in their own ethnic superiority and supremacy to believe, for certain, that their rule will never be challenged or threatened by a wave of unsophisticated, uneducated minorities from a war-torn state. Any instances of violence or lack of complete control are viewed as temporary and then quickly suppressed and ignored by the white-controlled European press.

Much like in the United States, Europe's press is controlled by a small, select few of the world's wealthiest, white industrialists. The only agenda now threatening the European elite's goal of importing cheap labour and tax revenues are those few pesky nationalists and truth-seekers still left in politics, media and alternative news. How dare they expose the white elite's careful concealment of the truth.

A European police force tried to bribe a major newspaper to stop it reporting the scale of crimes committed by asylum seekers.

The national police force in the Netherlands allegedly offered reporters other exclusive stories in exchange for keeping a set of controversial statistics on crimes committed by asylum seekers under wraps.

Der Telegraaf, the country’s best-selling newspaper, went public last week with the accusation that the police had tried to buy its silence, prompting an apology.

Telegraaf reporters said that officers unjustly refused to answer a request, made under the Dutch equivalent of the Freedom of Information Act, for the number of asylum seekers suspected of committing crimes.”Heat St., 2017

Europe's elite class of white millionaires believe that the violence and crime will subside in due time and that their superior, mostly white police forces and first responders will regain full control, so the public should not be dissuaded by or informed about such minor and temporary setbacks. Europe's elite class of white millionaires have also placed their faith in the ethnic superiority of their fellow, downtrodden white working class relatives who will soon be displaced by less unionized, less expensive labour. They will have no problem reforming and re-educating themselves, unlike the unsophisticated migrants who lack the special white gene that makes self-help and improvement possible.

We need not look further than Emmanuel Macron's campaign team to see just how valued that special white gene is among Europe's elite.

Unabashed Racism

Europe's elites, including Emmanuel Macron, believe that no numbers of inferior non-whites could be a match or threat to white supremacy. Their globalist agenda looks down upon the barbaric heathens of India, the Middle East and Africa. Those unsophisticated animals couldn't organize themselves or outsmart the white global order if they tried, in the white elite's view. Therefore, this penchant for open borders and shameless globalism is a fearless effort to expand white dominance on all non-white cultures and nations.

The billions of international aid that is funnelled from the great white West into nations of Africa and Asia are nothing more than an expansion of slavery and dependence. Rather than help African nations build their own economies and democracies, the great white West prefers to keep them in peril and in constant wait for hand-outs and help. For there is no fear of reprisal from the great white West's elites, as their confidence in their own ethnic dominance pushes away any doubts and fears.

In a world without borders, the white global elites are sure of their own dominance. They are sure they can wrangle the inferior races of the world and keep them from the echelons of power. They will put a few Ban Ki Moons where they need to be, only to keep up the appearance of diversity within their order. This must be the only valid psychological explanation for open borders and globalism among white nations. No non-white nations have taken on the same goals of eliminating their own borders and pursuing an ethnically mixed world view. Not Japan, not China, not India and certainly not most Middle Eastern nations.

Behind the facade of white guilt and secular multi-culturalism, the world's wealthiest and coincidentally white nations are guided by their own confidence and white supremacy. There really can be few other explanations for this continued madness.

Who They Are

The rich, white elites of Europe, those who put their money where it suits them best, are easily named but not easily blamed for very long. The most famous of them all is one George Soros. Followed closely in wealth and activism is the infamous Rothschild banking families. They've often earned the scorn of conspiracy theorists for very good reason. The rest I have been instructed not to name due to the content of this article, their relative lack of public activity and the accusations made herein, but that shouldn't stop you from going about on your own fact-finding mission. You can be assured there are many, many more and that they seldom operate anywhere in front of the public eye. They can, however, still be found.  

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