Yes, Liberals Have Become More Radical

May 1st, 2022 | RR

Elon Musk recently tweeted something controversial again. He tweeted an image of a “fellow liberal” stick figure, a conservative stick figure and a stick figure version of himself. The fellow liberal runs to the far, far left side of the screen and calls Musk a bigot after seeing him end up slightly to the right of centre. On the right, which hasn't moved, the conservative stick figure laughs. It was a clear, concise and highly accurate cartoon representation of our current political climate. However, that didn't stop the offended liberal mob from striking back and attacking Musk for being a moron. According to them, it has been conservatives and Republicans who have moved further right, not themselves who have moved further left. As usual, they're wrong and Elon Musk is correct.

Musk is a member of a growing club of liberals who are finding themselves increasingly isolated from their own tribe. As Bill Maher has repeatedly stated, his own tribe has moved so far left that it makes him look more conservative. This shift to the far left has happened so fast, it's causing confusion among younger generations and adolescents who wouldn't know any better. As far as they're concerned, the current liberal ideology is normal because they weren't around to experience what liberalism was like twenty years ago—or even ten years ago.

Luckily for the rest of us, the current liberal mindset is gaining backlash from younger people and a burgeoning rebellion against woke culture is underway.

As for the right moving further right and becoming radicalized, that's entirely false. It has, in fact, been the left that has moved further left and made what was once normal, average conservative ideology appear radical. As Ben Shapiro has pointed out, conservatism in the United States has shifted left on most social issues like abortion and gay marriage. This means the Overton Window has shifted significantly in the past twenty years and is continuing to shift rapidly to favour the current liberal mindset.

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Rewinding twenty years to 2002, discussions about men becoming pregnant would have been considered absurd, radical and completely asinine. In 2022, those ideas are still as absurd, radical and asinine as they were then, but our society is seriously entertaining them. Corporate culture has erroneously interpreted retweets and social media discussions as a representation of a growing movement, or a majority, rather than what they really are: groups of radical, fringe nuts who found each other on the internet. In their efforts to “get with the times” and secure profits into the future, corporations have targetted the mainstream mindset through advertisements, media, music and branding. This is why we have seen so much pandering to transgender radicals, Black Lives Matter, reverse racism and various other fringe causes in mainstream entertainment, music, branding and advertising.

Corporations, political parties, musicians, filmmakers and entertainers have made a costly mistake by thinking woke culture is something more than a bunch of lunatics validating each other on social media.

The backlash to woke culture is strong and ongoing. Younger generations are finding themselves inadvertently identifying with conservative causes and “far right” ideas. This is happening because the left and liberals have gone so far off the rails that no rational person can continue to take them seriously. When it happens, left-wing nuts attack younger people as bigots and radicals—which pushes them even further into the arms of conservatives.

Historians will look back on woke-ism as one of the greatest transformative backfires in modern history and they'll pinpoint the advent of social media as the catalyst.

Evidence for how the movement is backfiring can be seen inside every facet of mainstream culture. Ratings for Survivor have plummeted by 25% since producers took the show to the furthest fringes. Ratings for the NFL and NBA have hit historic lows; Netflix has lost subscribers and revenue; Facebook lost users for the first time and erased more than $200B in market value in early 2022; award shows have become the poorest performers; and corporations like Nike and Gillette have been forced to backtrack on their woke branding efforts.

In Canada, Justin Trudeau's approval rating is below 40% and he is the only prime minister to win government with less than 34% of the popular vote. Joe Biden's approval rating is just as low and has dipped lower than Donald Trump's. Across the board and in both countries, Republicans and Conservatives are surging in the latest polling data. At the later end of April, Nanos had Conservatives at 36% and Liberals at 30%. Multiple polls in the United States show Republicans surging ahead of the country's mid-term elections in November.

In February, multiple polls showed younger Canadians siding with the trucker convoy in Ottawa.

None of this is coincidental. It's all circumstantial. Liberalism has veered so far left that more and more people are moving right not because they want to, but because they have to. When they're not being attacked and alienated by “liberals”, they are being turned away by their increasingly odd and nonsensical way of thinking. None of the people who have made the move are necessarily conservative, they're just rational.

Conservatism is the new rationalism.

Some people on the liberal side will continue to conform, which is a part of the larger problem. Rather than question their own team when it veers closer to the fringes, they will simply shrug, nod and agree. This mentality is only making it worse for liberals. Unlike liberals, conservatives have voices and movements that bring them closer to the centre when they veer too far right. The right has always faced more division and disagreement as a result, but it has kept conservatives more grounded. Liberals, on the other hand, have fewer dissidents guiding them away from the fringes.

Many so-called liberals are scoffing and sneering at that last paragraph. Again, that's a part of the larger problem and it will end with their own undoing. By thinking there is nothing wrong with them and that it's conservatives who have the problem, they will go on to lose elections and the culture war. By refusing to see their own errors, they're doomed to fail in the coming years. As they continue to attack their own kind, they will continue to isolate the only remaining friends they have.

"Conservatism is the new rationalism."

They could save themselves by listening to fellow liberals like Bill Maher, Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, Elon Musk and the various other titans they have called members of the “far right”.

For conservatives, it's important to remember that these men are all liberals. Bill Maher is a vocal liberal and Trump hater, he just doesn't subscribe to cancel culture and wokeness. Joe Rogan praised Michelle Obama and fantasized about her running for president. Jordan Peterson was never a conservative and has admitted to once supporting the NDP. Elon Musk is a California liberal working to fight climate change and to take the world off fossil fuels—he even supported Barack Obama.

Conservatives should embrace and welcome these liberals, but always remain cautious about letting them take conservatism too close to the centre.

Not one of these liberals has become more conservative, liberals have just become too radical and divisive. Jordan Peterson's views on pronouns and free speech haven't changed, the left has changed. Joe Rogan's liberal beliefs about gay marriage and equality aren't any different than they were twenty years ago. Elon Musk's views on the same causes haven't changed or veered right, the left has moved further away from the centre. That's just a fact and multiple polls have proved it.

In some ways, these men could be called conservatives—only because their views have not changed.

As for most Americans, their views have indeed changed. They have veered further away from Democrats and radical left-wing ideas. Last year, Gallup showed that party affiliations have shifted toward Republicans by a statistically noticeable margin. According to their data, 47% of Americans now lean Republican, while only 42% lean Democrat. At the beginning of 2021, 49% of Americans leaned Democrat and only 40% leaned Republican. Fresh new polling data from 2022 shows that Democrat policies are continuing to lose support.

That's a dramatic shift and it coincides almost perfectly with a significant uptick in radical, authoritarian views on the left. The left's rejection of free speech as a tool of white supremacy and their attacks on anyone who rationally criticizes their beliefs is too outlandish for most Americans. The party of Donald Trump, George Bush and Ronald Reagan is now more popular than it ever has been—not because it became more right-wing, but because Democrats have become too fringe.

With that said, good days are ahead for conservatives and Americans. If things play out how history has shown in the past, Canadians will eventually follow. As for liberals destroying themselves, we can all rejoice in the social and political transformation unfolding in front of us. The stunning collapse of modern liberalism will inevitably bring about a new era of rationalism and reason.

Thank you, left-wing zealots.

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