June 7: Ontario's Liberal Era Ends

June 1st, 2018 | S.P.
kathleen wynne

Upon the publishing of this, Ontario voters will be one week away from ending an era of corrupt and destructive Liberal rule. The end of the Dalton McGuinty/Kathleen Wynne posse from hell will be welcomed with open arms. An undoing of ideology was supposed to have taken Ontario by storm, but with a conversion to the hard left, it looks as though Ontario may be eager to make its situation worse with an NDP government. Liberalism, like many destructive ideologies, has destroyed itself in the minds of Ontario voters. There will not be a return to these horrific and destructive policies for a long, long time if Doug Ford is elected. However, if the socialist New Democrats are elected, Ontario will be headed for a much quicker spin down the drain into oblivion. Even so, the Ontario Liberals will be homeless and destitute for the foreseeable future and this is the story of how it came to be.

True Crime

The names David Livingston, Laura Miller and Ben Levin should ring familiar to many Ontario voters—or send shivers down their spines. Livingston and Miller were charged with corruption involving the deletion of emails relating to the billion dollar gas plant scandal that cost taxpayers ten digits of non-refundable debt. On the spine shivering side, Levin is now a convicted pedophile who helped create Ontario's perposterous and depraved sexual education curriculum—which the current Liberal government has refused to repeal or reform.

Early this year, David Livingston was convicted in criminal court for illegally destroying embarrassing evidence that would have implicated top level Liberals in the billion dollar cancellation of two gas power plants in 2011. The judge in the case, Timothy Lipson, said Livingstone was sophisticated enough to know exactly what he was doing. Liberal campaign manager, Laura Miller, was found not guilty on similar charges.

Ben Levin, whose crimes can be heard in shivering detail here, is a convicted pedophile. Ben Levin has been creditted for being one of the chief architects of Ontario's sexual education curriculum—a curriculum that teaches about anal sex and transgenderism to children who are eight years and upward in age. Levin was the Liberal deputy Minister Of Education and was found to be a child pornographer in 2015, when he was sentenced to three years in prison.

The Debt Burden

It is true when Doug Ford calls Ontario one the most destitute and debt-burdened regions in the modern world. As outlined in this Poletical video, Ontario's debt burden is nearly equal to California's debt burden, with only half of the state's population. This is a devastating reality that can only be blamed on two decades of Liberal leadership.

With Ontario voters looking enthusiastic about a socialist, far left party like the NDP, there is no telling how big this debt will get in the next four years.

Horwath's party of heathens and degenerates would most definitely do what Rachel Notley has done to Alberta's books. A sea of deficits and red ink is where Alberta will be as it heads into its next election, most likely putting the province's socialist regime back into the dust bin of oblivion. A single term of New Democrat leadership is enough to ruin a province for a generation. We should remember this from our own, short-lived NDP era that began in 1990 and ended five years later.

Identity Politics

Ontario voters do not seem to have a problem with pandering—shamelessly so—to ethnic minorities and genders. Had it been an issue of contention for Ontario voters, they would not have made Horwath's NDP the viable replacement to Kathleen Wynne's Liberals.

One must admit, however, that the GTA is now one of Canada's most ethnically diverse metropolitan areas and, therefore, ripe for the pickings of any left-wing atrocity like the NDP.

Horwath's NDP has followed in the footsteps of Alberta's NDP, British Columbia's NDP and the federal NDP in the way it uses fringe economics, sexual orientation, ethnicity and subversive social tactics to win the hearts and minds of angry and anxiety-riddled teens and Millennials. The challenge has always been to lure these folk out of their parents' basements, but with Doug Ford acting as the ultimate villain, the task may prove more easy for Horwath and her band of unfortunate misfits.

A person's race, ethnic background, sexual orientation and gender matter more to the Liberals and New Democrats. If Ontario voters are truly looking at each other through the lens of equality, they will reject the identity politics of Ontario's left-wing parties and plug their noses to swallow what Doug Ford is selling.


Nothing displays the outright arrogance of Wynne's Liberals more than her last ditch effort to save her inevitably doomed political career with a “Sorry, not sorry” campaign maneuver. What seems like a scripted effort that was launched in the final leaders debate, Wynne went on to tell Ontario voters that she is sorry, but not sorry for the past two decades of what can be best described as a horror show.

The “Sorry, not sorry” slogan has since manifested in a deliberate, Liberal trolled meme and video clip of Wynne's depressed face accompanied by phrases that giver her credit for Ontario's low unemployment rate and various other dubious accomplishments.

The campaign smells of desperation, with a pleasant hint of admitted defeat. For that, we can only take pleasure in its ill-conceived existence and relish in Kathleen Wynne's ultimate demise.

Despite the pleasure it gives her opponents, the campaign also smells of arrogance. Wynne and her Liberals would have been much better served by avoiding such self congratulation. Ontario voters, despite being left-wing zombies, are tired of the arrogance and hubris that was carried over from the Dalton McGuinty days. Money has been misspent, criminals have been jailed and moods have been soured, making this no time for self congratulation and unapologetic boasting.

On June 7, Ontario voters may make the wrong choice, but one thing is certain: Kathleen Wynne will no longer be premier and decades of Liberal Party rule will end in a flaming heap of destruction. For that, we should be thankful as much as we are frightened.