Trudeau Is A National Disgrace

September 1st, 2018 | S.P.
trudeau is a disgrace

With the end of another successful Conservative convention, Canada's Tories are recovering from a few minor cuts inflicted by a disgruntled MP from Quebec. It is nothing to be bent out of shape or concerned about, as the MP in question has very little work ethic or competence to back himself up. Canadians, from all walks of life, are much more concerned with Canada's dainty half-wit-in-chief, Justin Trudeau, destroying their beautiful country. Come October of next year, Canadians will be ready to show Gerald Butts' filthy sock puppet what can be achieved by Conservatives when four years of Liberal arrogance, political correctness and smugness come to the front of voters' minds.

Trudeau Fails On Pipelines

Have you been reading or watching the news lately, my fellow Canadians? You may have heard that the Court Of Appeals has struck down Trudeau's bid to approve the Trans Mountain pipeline. You know, the very same pipeline that has cost taxpayers ten digits and will probably soon reach a dollar value of eleven digits.

The funny thing about why the Trans Mountain pipeline was shut down by the courts is that it was shut down because it failed to comply and adhere to the rules put in place by the Trudeau government. Justin the sock puppet Trudeau's own rules on consulting with First Nations is a part of what provoked the Court Of Appeals to strike it down.

That is quite the story, isn't it?

Ottawa has not seen such a level of buffoonery since, well... since the first Trudeau. The very man who promised to build pipelines in 2015 and who derided our former Conservative leader for not being able to build pipelines, well, is himself unable to build pipelines. It looks as though prime-ministering is a great deal harder than the little potato had expected.

Trudeau Fails On Trade

Little Justin's whimpering about evil Trump wishing to rid Canada of supply management is, in and of itself, a downright lie. Officials representing Trump and Trump himself have made no such claims. They have instead criticized Canada's tariffs and pricing schemes for milk, which are indeed measures within the supply management framework, but are only small pieces that can be easily modified when necessary—as was done by Stephen Harper during TPP negotiations.

Gerald Butts wanted Canadians to believe that Donald Trump's requirements when going into negotiations was that supply management be dismantled. This would be a perfect way for little Justin and Chrysta Freeland to display their tremendous negotiating skills and ability to completely beat Donald Trump at the table.

Of course, supply management will not be dismantled, nor was it ever under threat of being dismantled. This was only a way for Gerald Butts to come out looking like a winner.

Up until the final agreement, Canada was left on the sidelines while Trudeau tried to play tough and appeal to the anti-Trump sentiments of his Liberal base. This gave Mexico first dibs on etching out an agreement that Canada, in Trump's words, could join later.

Good going, little potato. Mexico had the first try and was given more than three months to negotiate, while Canada was given three days and then another week after the US and Mexico had made their own agreement. Upon the writing of this, there is still no deal to be had between Canada and the US. If this is not considered an absolute failure and disgrace by Canadian voters, Trudeau should be able to get away with murder from here on.  


Trudeau Fails On Foreign Affairs

The India trip. Need we say more? After playing dress-up in India and garnering ridicule from the locals, Trudeau's entourage invited a known Sikh terrorist to a party. This came just days after reports emerged that India's prime minister, Narendra Modi, had been snubbing little Justin.

If that was not enough, the little sock puppet also brought along a celebrity chef and outspoken Liberal supporter named Vikram Vij. Who paid Mr. Vij's travel expenses you ask? None other than the Canadian taxpayer, as should always be expected from a Liberal government. The cost to fly, feed, water and keep Vikram Vij comfortable in India fell into the ballpark of around $17,000.

When was the last time you took a $17,000 vacation to India?

Not only was Justin Trudeau's trip to India a complete debacle, it was a costly and counter-productive endeavor. India criticized Canada and condemned the Atwal Affair following the trip, probably harming Canada's reputation in the country. Indian and Asian media also treated the entire trip with mostly negative coverage.

In October, Andrew Scheer will travel to India in a brazen attempt to prove that not all Canadians are idiots.

Trudeau Fails The Middle Class

Ever since Justin Trudeau made a promise to help Canada's middle class, Canada's middle class has paid more. Despite the Liberal government's “middle class tax cuts”, Canada's middle class is paying more for everything.

We are paying more for gasoline, pension, employment insurance, pipelines that are not getting built, groceries, produce, household utilities, retail goods and clothing and almost every other product or item that is affected by inflation, taxation and bad policy.

In 2015, Canada's inflation rate stood at 1.12% and never surpassed 2% under Stephen Harper's majority government. As mere coincidence would have it, beginning in 2016, Canada's inflation began to rise steadily and is expected to remain above 2% until 2022. (Coincidence, I mean, what else could it be?)

As seen here, Canada's inflation rate rose to 1.42% in 2016, then to 1.61% in 2017 and to 2.15% in 2018. It is expected to peak at 2.16% next year and remain above 2% into the near future. That is, of course, if all goes well inside of little Ms. Trudeau's playhouse.

A report last year shows that 80% of Canada's middle class pays more under the Trudeau government, as stated by Global News:

Middle-income families face higher personal income taxes due to changes implemented by the Liberal government, finds a new report by the Fraser Institute. While the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reduced the marginal tax rates for income between $46,000 and $92,000, it also implemented other reforms that have resulted in most Canadians with children and middling incomes paying more, on net, in income taxes than they did before, according to the study.

What a fantastic and remarkable job, little potato. Gerald Butts' little minion couldn't even cut income taxes correctly. Since Liberals came to power, Canada's middle class families are taking home less and paying more for consumer goods, electricity and food. What masterful leadership being exhibited by Gerald Butts and his sidekick!

Trudeau Fails On Ethics

Last but not least, I must remind my fellow Canadians about little Justin's ethics violations. Not only his ethics violations, but the violations committed by members of his cabinet. We cannot forget Justin's gift from the Aga Khan or Bill Mourneau's monetary fine for failing to disclose his villa in France. He paid that fine for breaking the Conflict Of Interest Act.

How about Canada's defence minister lying about being the “architect” of a failed Afghan mission? How about Maryam Monsef and her Iranian birthplace? Go ahead and Google it. I won't blame you for never hearing about it. You know our media.

Remember the days when Justin Trudeau attacked Conservatives for ethics violations and conflict of interest, even when they were only a fraction as heinous as the violations he and his cabinet would commit in the future?

Well, Justin Trudeau has really raised the bar on accountability, hasn't he? Bill Mourneau, Harjit Sajjan and Maryam Monsef were never forced to resign. Kent Heir is still a member of the Liberal caucus. Justin Trudeau has broken the very ethics rules he promised to uphold as an opposition leader. It really, really, really does look as though prime-ministering has proven to be a great deal harder than little Justin could have imagined.

I will leave you now with some details, from a mainstream news source (Toronto Star), about Trudeau's ethics violations and scandals:

Ethics commissioner Mary Dawson’s report that found Trudeau improperly accepted a gift from the Aga Khan was released a few days before Christmas with the House of Commons dark for more than a month.

So far, nothing seems to stick to this government, whether broken promises, a ham-handed performance from the finance minister, or a minister insulting Canadians with disabilities, the very people for whom he is supposed to advocate.

This government wins byelections, and its approval ratings remain steady, and most Canadians seem to be giving the finger to those inside the Ottawa bubble who chronicle Liberal fumbles.

But this episode should burst well beyond the bubble.

This is a government and prime minister who rode to power two years ago on the type of inspirational message of hope and a new dawn that propelled Barack Obama to the White House in 2008.

This was a government that was going to do everything differently than the Stephen Harper government, yet continually plays to a sense of entitlement, of playing by different rules than other Canadians.

Trudeau and family and Liberal friends made two trips to the island in the Bahamas — Sophie Grégoire Trudeau also took her family there without her husband — at a time when the Aga Khan Foundation, which Dawson said has received $330 million from Canadian governments since 1981, was registered to lobby Trudeau’s office.

This may demonstrate a lapse in political instincts, something hard to believe in a man who was born into political life.