Trudeau's Arrogance Is Boundless

May 3rd, 2019 | S.P.

The dainty halfwit's arrogance has reached new limits, or shall we say, it has become boundless over the past few weeks. My friends, in case you are new here and wondering, the "dainty halfwit" in question is our beloved Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Last week, he was able to show Canadians that his arrogance and shameless pandering have absolutely no bounds. 

As devastating floods wreaked havoc on Ottawa and surrounding areas, our dainty halfwit took it upon himself to exploit the situation for photo-ops and campaigning. After intereferring in a sandbagging operation for a shameless photo-op of himself tying together one, single sandbag while wearing a neatly pressed shirt and dress pants, Trudeau took it upon himself to use the flooding as a way to exploit fears and political ambitions relating to climate change.

A few days later, Trudeau was finally confronted by a frustrated volunteer who said, "While you're here, no one can pick up sand. You held people up. All your RCMP and security held people up!" The man also said, "What you're doing is insincere." The video quickly spread online, including the part where Trudeau accused the man of being unfriendly and un-neighbourly. That, of course, was the part that irked Ottawa volunteers and the rest of us. 

Justin Trudeau's explicit arrogance has surpassed all the limits it might have had. 

"Everything is a photo-op with this buffoon. He provided no value and just wanted the shot," said Conservative MP, Michelle Rempel. "The guy who yelled at him was dead right."

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Imagine Stephen Harper telling a hardworking volunteer that he was being "un-neighbourly". Our beloved Liberal journalists would have full meltdowns. They would be inundating us with clips of the incident and opinions on the matter at hand, while shamelessly scolding us for even considering a vote for Conservatives. How dare we? How could we even think to vote for such a vile, rude and arrogant Prime Minister?

What monsters we Conservatives are.

But, my friends, as you know... Justin Trudeau is a Liberal. As a result, we are inundated instead with reflections and reminders about how Stephen Harper visited Alberta's flood zones in 2013 and about how Justin Trudeau was attacked and criticized for not showing up to console the victims of the 2016 Fort McMurray fire. "Politicians are damned if they do and damned if they don't," the liberal journalists and columnists tell us. 

Nevermind that Stephen Harper did not, in fact, halt flood mitigation efforts while in Calgary for a photo opportunity. Yes, it is true there are photos of he and his wife helping clean-up efforts, but not at key locations. Harper and his wife helped private citizens of Calgary and affected areas clean their homes and basements. Private citizens engaged in clearing the mud and damage from their ruined houses had allowed the Harpers to lend a helping hand... and at no point was Harper photographed "helping" military personnel seal and distribute one, lone sandbag at a crowded choke point. 

I won't go into too much detail defending Stephen Harper, because I have absolutely no doubt that he has been guilty, at some point, of being a nuisance to volunteers at other possible times.

Harper was by no means perfect, but we can be sure of one thing: never, ever would Stephen Harper have found the nerve or shameless arrogance within himself to call an angry, frustrated and hardworking volunteer "unfriendly and un-neighbourly". Even following a testy exchange or rude confrontation, we can be sure we would have never heard Stephen Harper utter such words to a taxpayer who has dedicated his time and effort to flood relief. 

It would have never happened.

All of this should be expected from Justin Trudeau, however. The dainty halfwit has proven himself, time and time again, to have no care or regard for ordinary, hardworking Canadians. The SNC-Lavalin scandal is proof that stands alone: this prime minister does not care about Canadians who live in certain places, work certain jobs or live different lifestyles. Nor does he have regard for ethics or the rule of law unless it proves convenient for himself and his own political ambitions. 

While 100,000 Albertans face unemployment, Justin Trudeau shrugs his weak, effeminate shoulders from the comfort of his Ottawa home and taxpayer-funded vacation spots. However, when the risk of killing thousands of Quebec jobs emerges, Justin Trudeau jumps to break ethics rules and to interfere with the justice system in order to ensure that a corrupt Quebec firm stays out of harm's way. 

This is the Justin Trudeau that Canadians have come to recognize. The proof, my friends, is in the polling numbers. 

Two of the latest polls show Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party hovering somewhere between 27-32% public support. The latest Leger poll shows the Liberals at 27%, while the latest poll from Ipsos shows them doing only slightly better at 32%. These numbers have remained consistent since the beginning of March, not showing much improvement for our beloved prime minister and his disgraceful cohorts. These polls only work to reflect the growing distaste for Trudeau's dismissive and arrogant disregard for ordinary Canadians. 

Ordinary Canadians are tired of being called "un-neighbourly" and treated like the halfwits Justin Trudeau thinks they are. Justin Trudeau's behaviour is having the same effect as Hillary Clinton's "deplorable" remarks during the 2016 presidential campaign... and it should not be expected to end any differently for Justin Trudeau in October. Treating the electorate like uneducated buffoons never has been a successful election strategy. 

Those who feast on public money and who are raised into privilege at our expense, like our beloved trust fund prime minister, are inching ever so close to their own demise. Opposition leaders and conservatives do not even have to put forth much effort in defeating the Ottawa and Quebec elitists, as they seem more than capable of doing it themselves. With every "un-neighbourly" photo-op and every arrogant shot at blue collar, hardworking Canadians, Trudeau comes another step closer to flushing the Liberal elitists down the electoral toilet. As Canadians watch this story and others like it repeat themselves, they become less patient and more eager to keep Liberals out of power for good. 

Keep chirping, little Justin. We are all enjoying your self-inflicted downfall.