Columnist: Men Envy Trudeau, Conservatives Don't Like Women 

August 26th, 2014 | Poletical News

Toronto Star columnist, Heather Mallick, created anger on Twitter when she followed up one of her campaign-style columns for the tabloid newspaper with a derogatory tweet accusing Conservatives of disliking women. She also implied that men envy Justin Trudeau and his family. Her tweet followed a piece entitled "Why Voters Like Justin Trudeau", in which she wrote:

"Perhaps it was Harper's dead sociopathic eyes or the way he campaigned with pre-selected audiences from behind a metal fence. No. It was when people started to think of his hair as a separate organ, like Dick Cheney's heart which he basically kept in a pocket..."

That was Heather Mallick in the Toronto Star on Sunday, August 24th. The full rant can be read here.

On Tuesday, August 26th, she tweeted this: