How Soros Took Down O'Reilly

April 23rd, 2017 | R. Rados
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In an interview with Salon, Rashad Robinson of Color Of Change admitted his organization's role in ousting Bill O'Reilly. If you're unfamiliar with Color Of Change, it's a black activist group co-founded by CNN pundit and former Obama aide, Van Jones. The group partnered with none other than David Brock's Media Matters to disseminate the contact information of O'Reilly Factor sponsors in an effort to have them drop their sponsorship. By creating a groundswell of fake outrage, Color Of Change was able to coerce Bill O'Reilly's sponsors into dropping support for his show and forcing Fox News to terminate his contract. These are the tactics being effectively used against conservatives by similar leftist groups across North America. Just over the past few months, we've seen sponsors terminate contracts en masse with Breitbart and Youtube due to outrage that was funded, manufactured and stoked by groups like Color Of Change.

Van Jones's employer, CNN, had an obvious heyday covering Bill O'Reilly's ouster. CNN pundits could barely contain their shadenfreude. Leftists on Twitter couldn't contain theirs either, as the Twitter-verse exploded with orgasmic celebrations and tweets about what a victory it was. To them, another conservative voice was silenced.

Since Donald Trump won, the left has been sharpening their swords and grooming their troops for battle in the trenches. They won't stop until we're all defeated. O'Reilly wasn't everyone's favourite, but he was an influential voice on the right. His show raked in an average of five million viewers a night, making him one of the most powerful talking heads on cable news. Now that he's gone, his time slot will likely succumb to MSNBC's All In With Chris Hayes, unless Fox finds a strong replacement.

They've Done It Before

Before O'Reilly, Color Of Change played a part in having Glenn Beck fired from Fox News. They used the same tactics and managed to coerce sponsors into boycotting Beck's show, forcing his eventual removal. However, unlike O'Reilly, Beck didn't pay five women $13M in settlement payments over sexual harassment claims—he was just too anti-Soros. That's right. Just months before Beck was fired, he had dedicated an entire week of his air time to attacking and exposing Hungarian billionaire, George Soros. Immediately upon beginning a barrage of attacks on Soros (and Van Jones), Beck was fired. If you're interested in seeing one of Beck's programs about George Soros, you can watch it here.

In 2015, Color Of Change and Media Matters planted the seeds of the “fake news” narrative that would emerge in late 2016 and 2017. In March of 2015, they claimed that news was inaccurately reporting crime statistics in New York and negatively portraying African Americans. Media Matter then went on to create a “News Accuracy Report Card” to filter out “inaccurate” news stories and reporting. Obviously, Fox News made their list a lot more than any other mainstream networks.

Going back further to 2013, Color Of Change blasted Saturday Night Live and Lorne Michaels for not hiring enough black women. Their criticisms somehow managed to make mainstream headlines, causing pressure to build on Lorne Michaels. Naturally, this forced SNL and Michaels to make a public statement and vow to put more effort into “diversity”. Today, SNL has Leslie Jones, the Ghostbusters star who had Milo Yiannopoulos banned from Twitter.

Who They Are/Who Funds Them

You've probably already guessed who helps fund Color Of Change. I mean, if the last few paragraphs and title didn't give it away, you might need to do a bit more research on George Soros. In 2009, George Soros's Open Society Foundation gave Color Of Change more than half a million dollars. Their 2013 tax returns suggest their donors are still eager to keep the organization well oiled. They made enough money that year to pay Rashad Robinson nearly $80,000 in compensation. Their campaign to oust Bill O'Reilly likely cost a bit of manpower and money in 2017 as well.

Color Of Change's co-founder, James Rucker, worked for between 2008 and 2011. is a notorious recipient of Soros cash and was directly named by Glenn Beck during his anti-Soros broadcasts on Fox News.

Van Jones is the other co-founder of Color Of Change. He worked for the Obama Administration in its early years and is better known today for referring to Donald Trump's win as a “whitelash”. Jones still works for CNN.

As of 2013, Adrianne Shropshire was a member of Color Of Change's board. Shropshire is a New York based consultant with deep ties to labour unions in and around the state. She's currently the executive director of the New York branch of Jobs With Justice, a Marxist labour group that claims to fight for workers' rights. Color Of Change has partnered with the Services Employees International Union on past projects and initiatives.

Becky Bond was also a member of Color Of Change's board of directors in 2013. Who is she? She was the senior advisor to the Bernie Sanders campaign in 2016. Bond is also the co-author of Rules For Revolutionaries, which is an unmistakable homage to Saul Alinksy's Rules For Radicals.

Arisha Hatch is Color Of Change's campaign director. She quit her job in law to join Barack Obama's campaign in 2008.

Kwesi Chappin is Color Of Change's organizing director. He, too, worked for the Obama campaign as its deputy director in 2012.

This roster of characters makes it obvious what kind of group Color Of Change is. It's not a non-partisan group of activists who are trying to achieve “justice” for African Americans, it's a partisan group of political hacks who have only one motive: to destroy conservatives. Their purpose for having Bill O'Reilly fired had nothing to do with justice for rape victims or victims of sexual harassment—it was about silencing conservatives.

Color Of Change is yet another fake grassroots organization funded by George Soros. There is nothing natural, ordinary, or benevolent about Color Of Change. Their entire apparatus and framework is the work of George Soros and other leftist activists who seek to silence their opponents. From riots on campuses to “fake news”, Color Of Change is another example of how much power money can have over human behaviour.  

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