Crenshaw, The GOP's Next Star

December 1st, 2018 | T. Carter
dan crenshaw

Dan Crenshaw is quickly becoming a household name and hero among Republican voters. We should not expect the same media fanfare that was heaped upon Texas senate-hopeful, Beto O'Rourke, but that's not what Republican voters look for in their candidates anyway. Republican voters look for strength, experience and bravery—something offered by Dan Crenshaw in healthy doses. His sense of humor and willingness to face critics, outrage culture and SNL comedians head-on has earned him the street credit needed to take him straight into the White House in 2024.

When the Trump era comes to an end in either 2024 or 2020, Republicans will be looking for a replacement. If Trump faces defeat in 2020, Republicans will more than definitely be seeking someone who can strike the right balance between Trump's tough, brash tactics and the calm, cool-headed experience and grace of a war veteran and former Navy SEAL. At the moment, no one fits the bill better than Dan Crenshaw. With the right brand of experience, tough-talk and fearlessness, Crenshaw could easily become the next Republican president in 2024—or later, if Americans are not quite ready by then.

As for defining physical characteristics, like Trump's hair, Crenshaw has a distinctive eye-patch, unlike anything we have seen in Congress or American politics. It symbolizes years of service and sacrifice made for his country, while adding a strong, rough accent to his Republican demeanor. Instead of opting for a creepy glass eye that stares blankly in one direction without moving, Crenshaw opted for a patch—which will make him stand out for a long time to come. He will be the butt of jokes as much as he will be the talk and praise of Washington. The jokes, however, will be like grenades that bounce back to destroy those who hurl them. Media will soon realize that Crenshaw benefits from a military-grade, bulletproof armor unlike anything they have seen before.

But what else makes Dan Crenshaw the next Republican superhero?

He Speaks Near-Perfect Spanish

As a child, Crenshaw spent time growing up in South America. He went to high school in Columbia while his father worked in the country's booming oil industry in the mid 1990s. While there, he became proficient in Spanish and spent time during his 2018 Congressional race talking to Latino Republican voters in Spanish and encouraging a “reset in relations” with Mexico—while still supporting Trump's agenda on building a wall and securing the borders.

Even on immigration policy, Crenshaw strikes a balance that seems less hostile and more sensible. If he could carry his message in Spanish, Republicans could have a true immigration reformer in the White House with an agenda supported by native-born American Latinos and legal Mexican immigrants.

He Is Educated

Crenshaw attended the Kennedy School Of Government at Harvard. Many notable and influential leaders have graduated from the same school, including Gerry Connolly, Alan Grayson, Jack Reed, Bill O'Reilly and former chairman of the Federal Reserve, Paul Volker.

To make it matter more, Crenshaw also speaks well and offers much of the same rhetorical style as academic elitists on the left, like Barack Obama. Even with his one eye, Crenshaw has no problem reading a perfectly prepared script from a teleprompter, as exhibited in his SNL skit. Off the cuff, he has the vocabulary and rhetorical skill to match some of America's best and most respected presidents.

He Is A Real Hero

Dan Crenshaw lost his eye when an IED exploded in front of him in Afghanistan and killed his Arabic interpreter. After that, he went to join US forces in South Korea to protect the country from the North in 2012 and 2013. There was no stopping Dan Crenshaw during his distinguished military career.

As a Navy SEAL, he earned a Purple Heart and two Bronze Star medals. The Bronze Star is awarded to soldiers, members of the military and those who work with the military and who show heroic courage in combat zones. Writer Ernest Hemingway also received a Bronze Star in 1947 for putting himself in danger inside active warzones during World War II so he could tell an accurate story.

The most important part of Crenshaw's military service is his ten-year career with the Navy SEALS, where he achieved the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He was also a member of SEAL Team Three, which does deployments to the Middle East. This should not be confused with SEAL Team Six (or Task Force Blue), which only conducts classified operations—including the operation that killed Osama Bin Laden.

Democrats could never respect the military how Republicans do, which is why Republicans hold the monopoly on service vets and military servicemen. Dan Crenshaw gives Republicans what they need when it comes to attracting the votes of America's one million servicemen and women.

He Has Experience

Above all, Crenshaw offers real leadership from his years in the Navy SEALS and as a Lieutenant Commander. What better person for the job of Commander-In-Chief than a man who served as a Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy?

He has a masters in public policy and wrote all of his own policy positions while at Harvard. Crenshaw also has Congressional experience from working as an assistant to Texas Republican Peter Sessions, who is the former chair of the House Rules Committee. Sessions was defeated in the mid-terms by Democrat Colin Allred, but Crenshaw is now a Congressman.

Without a doubt, Dan Crenshaw's upcoming years in Congress will add to his already impressive resume. By 2023, he should have built a name for himself and climbed the ranks of the Republican Party with a solid voting record, witty and effective media appearances and a trove of good policy positions. By 2024, donors will be lined up and his campaign for the presidency should be well on its way after a successful GOP primary.