Conservative Party Leadership Tracker - 2022

This poll is closed.

Final tracker results:

Actual first ballot results:

Coming September 10th or 11th.


-July 6: Patrick Brown removed from tracker. Disqualified.

-May 4: Joseph Bourgault removed from tracker.

-May 1: Leona Allaslev and Marc Dalton removed from tracker.

-Mar 27: Michelle Rempel-Garner removed from tracker. Leona Alleslev added. First results, Mar 30.

-Mar 20: Marc Dalton and Joseph Bourgault added to tracker. First results, Mar 23.

-Mar 16: Roman Baber and Scott Aitchison added. First results, Mar 20.

-Mar 13: Peter Mackay and Michael Chong removed from tracker, confirmed they will not enter the race.

-Feb 23: Jean Charest added to tracker. First results, Feb 27.

-Feb 9: Brad Wall removed from tracker. Confirmed his intention not to seek leadership.

-Feb 6: Michael Barrett removed from tracker. Endorsed Pierre Poilievre

-Candice Bergen appointed interim leader, removed from tracker. (interim leaders ineligible to run)