Conservatives Will Do Better Than You Think

August 15th, 2021 | SP

It has happened, just as expected. Little Justin called a snap election in the middle of what we are told is a fourth wave of the pandemic. He will sell danger and fear, but gleefully overlook his own hypocrisy in making an election call. Should we expect anything different from this dainty, half-witted charlatan? Most Canadians never wanted his selfish attempt to grab more power, but it has come to fruition and Canadians will not be as rewarding as he may want to believe.

The Conservatives will struggle under Erin O'Toole's weakness, but not as badly or as much as the polls are showing. Competent enough to convince some Canadians of his stable and fiscally cautious hand, O'Toole has plenty of time to yield the anger and displeasure many Canadians are feeling toward our dainty half-wit-in-chief. On election day, Canadians will give O'Toole's brand of Conservatives a bigger and better chance than expected. That does not, however, mean that Mr. O'Toole is a strong and competent leader. It means only that the country's patience has finally run out with Justin's antics and that Canadians have few other leaders to turn to.

Little Justin's majority is not as inevitable as it may currently seem to be.

At this moment in time, Canadians are luke warm at his efforts to procure vaccines and anything but enthusiastic about his scandalous and ethically adverse ways. With an effective and friendly campaign, Conservatives can gain an upper hand in British Columbia and Ontario. It will never be enough to secure a Conservative majority, but it can be effective enough to stop a Liberal majority.

All O'Toole must do is hold 120 Conservative seats. He does not have the ability to win more and to expand upon the previous leader's efforts. That is an expectation many Conservatives must learn to live with. This current leader does not have the trust or backing of a majority within his own party. That, my friends, is a dangerous recipe. We must work to stop a Trudeau majority by behaving as though we are rallying for a Conservative majority, without devastating ourselves with false expectations.

Expecting and promoting a Conservative majority would work only to exasperate and rally leftist voters, while giving Conservative voters a false sense of security. We must not delude ourselves or antagonize the enemy.

Conservatives will not finish at 28%. If they do, my friends, the party will be forced into the wilderness and be forbidden from returning until it has gotten a grip. As previous elections have shown us, Conservatives have always over-performed on election day. However, even with a finish at 30%, the party will require a significant and revolutionary makeover. Anything less than 32% will be considered a severe failure. To achieve 32% or higher, Conservatives must be cautious.

We should seek a quiet and calming election campaign. One that does not strike fear and panic into the left, but one that manages to keep conservatives and swing voters bright and moderately hopeful. A promise to keep Justin Trudeau and Liberals under control and in check is better than a promise to bring sweeping change to the House Of Commons. With another Trudeau majority on the cusp, now is not the time to tilt the scales in the wrong direction with anger, aggression and controversy.

This is the opposite of what any of us want, but it is a sacrifice we should be willing to make. We want nothing less than aggression and drama, but we should refrain.

We must not forget the slim majority of Canadians, specifically in Ontario, who want more restrictions, more mask mandates and less economic freedom. Their fear is a powerful mechanism and Trudeau has every intention to exploit it. In an all ready volatile situation, Conservatives must exhibit a stable and calming aura. They cannot jump into scathing rebukes about lockdowns and vaccinations. Canadians, in my neck of woods, will not be receptive to such tactics. As an English immigrant in Ontario, I can assure you that vaccine hesitancy and pandemic denial do not sell in my province.

It pains me to say this, but the Conservative Party would most benefit, at the moment, from a very generic, moderate and milquetoast campaign. Any other time would call for an aggressive, Poilievre-style campaign that calls out Trudeau and attacks his many weaknesses and corruption, but Canadians are not in that kind of mood. Canadians are leery, exhausted and irritable. One wrong move could turn them away, or push them into Trudeau's trap.

Canadians are in no mood for an election. The sales pitches and aggressive attacks will be turned off and ignored for something less serious and more lighthearted. Following two years of fear and uncertainty, Canadians will be looking for calm and reassurance. The parties that can deliver stability, assurance and hope will be rewarded. Those who offer more fear and aggressive attacks will be punished. Little Justin is surely setting himself up to learn this the hard way.

Reassuring Canadians with positive messages and concrete plans is of utmost importance. Unlike the elections of yesteryear, this campaign will be about rewarding parties that offer concrete solutions and realistic, believable plans to restore normalcy and security. This will be no time for petty exchanges and potshots. Canadians will have none of that.

Little Justin's tried and true tactic of blaming Stephen Harper will not settle well in the bellies of my Canadian friends. This time, he will have to prove his record on securing Canada's future and defend his party's own revelations about finally being able to balance the budget... in 2070.

Canadians will be looking for job security, financial reassurance and proof that the plans laid in front of them will bring about the changes they need. They will be less responsive to traditional politicking and salesmanship this time. They are weak, vulnerable and uncertain. Canadians are looking for real leadership through some of the hardest times they have ever faced. Little Justin will be forced to put aside his hatred and resentfulness toward Conservatives and replace it with a solid and convincing record of accomplishments.

Justin will need to show Canadians his curriculum vitae and he can be certain that—this time—they will read it!

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