November 8th, 2020 | RR

First Nations Have Been Stabbed In The Back

November 15th, 2020 | RR

Justin Trudeau's betrayal of First Nations is remarkable. From a prime minister who promised to solve some of the indigenous community's biggest challenges, they have gotten nothing but a silver dagger thrust into their spines. With his characteristic smugness, Trudeau has delivered nothing but platitudes and broken promises to First Nations that have been devastated and left behind by every government that has ever come and gone from power. 

The Republicans Of 2024

November 8th, 2020 | TC

The Republican field for 2024 could be one of the most diverse and energizing group of people to date. The candidates for 2016 made up one of the biggest slates in history, but 2024 could be smaller and pack a harder punch. The GOP has a handful of rising stars that could pose a significant threat to Kamala... erm, I mean, Joe Biden's re-election bid in 2024. 

Jagmeet Is Destroying The NDP

November 1st, 2020 | RR

Jagmeet Singh has been an epic failure. There are few examples of an NDP leader being so weak, so timid, so obscenely compliant and outrageously pathetic. Anywhere Justin Trudeau goes, Jagmeet follows like a homeless puppy. Jack Layton, Thomas Mulcair, Ed Broadbent and Tommy Douglas would have never been able to comprehend the kind of loyalty Jagmeet Singh has been showing to Trudeau and the Liberals. 

What Did They Really Fight For?

November 1st, 2020 | JH

Small town plaques like this exist in communities across Canada. 61,000 men died in World War I at a time when Canada was horribly underpopulated with only eight million people. The survivors who returned were shell-shocked and under appreciated at the time. Canada lost a generation of leaders and patriots. That conflict saw Canada as nothing more than a pawn in an old geo-political game of territorial pissing.

The Fire Rises: Wexit Finishes Third

November 1st, 2020 | Spartacus

A branch of the Wexit movement has pulled in more than 11,000 votes in Saskatchewan. With no money and only 17 candidates, The Buffalo Party took the third largest helping of the popular vote in Canada's middle prairie province. During an historic election, with a significantly lower turnout, the new separatist party has sent a strong message to Ottawa's political establishment. 

Final Analysis: Trump Can Win

November 1st, 2020 | TC

This is the final analysis for the 2020 presidential election. We will explore seven factors and determine which direction each one points. Each factor is highly relevant and likely to offer an accurate indication of where the presidential election stands. Seven is an odd number, leaving no possibility for a 50/50 split. This is a good way to create more solid odds, as elections never truly result in a 50/50 split—only one candidate will win and the other will not.

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