February 2nd, 2022 | SP

Words Of Caution For Pierre Poilievre

February 6th, 2022 | RR

Once you are elected leader of the Conservative Party, the Liberal machine won't hold back. Every word, every past decision, every skeleton will be used against you. Things no one knew about you will be brought to light. You are the strongest contender for the PMO yet and they know it. You aren't weak, you don't mince words and you're Justin Trudeau's most fierce opponent to date. They will pull out all the artillery, but it shouldn't just be Liberals that retain your focus. Be mindful of those within your inner circle.

The Painful Truth About Fatherless Homes

February 2nd, 2022 | AR

Children without fathers are more susceptible to mental illness. Children raised in broken homes are more susceptible to poor outcomes in adulthood. These are all scientific findings, not matters of personal opinion. As the warriors for social justice direct the narratives in our corporate media, the fabric of the nuclear family continues to deteriorate, leaving behind generations of ill-equipped children who will go on to fare poorly in many social situations.

Beyond Canada's Madness: Where To Escape

February 2nd, 2022 | JH

It looks like Omnicron is the “Covid evolving into a common cold” variant we’ve been waiting for, but you wouldn’t know it from the corporate media and their puppet-masters in the ruling elite. We’re all supposed to be afraid of catching Covid like it’s March of 2020, and the convoluted menagerie of rules and policy is more theatrical and humiliating than ever. 

Replacing Canada's Westminster System

February 2nd, 2022 | RR

Canada is an inferior country by most standards. We tell ourselves that it isn't, but the international community either ignores us or laughs at us. For smaller developing countries, we're viewed as nothing more than an ATM. We have a prime minister who parades around the world in colourful socks and goes surfing during major national crises, all because it doesn't really matter what Canada does or thinks. 

Will O'Toole Step Down Like A Man?

February 2nd, 2022 | SP

We cannot repeat it enough and we will not stop until it happens. Erin O'Toole must resign, or he will be removed from the Conservative Party leadership against his will. The failed leader has few choices remaining and his time is running out. A new poll suggests that his party's members are becoming more eager to have him replaced sooner rather than later. Among all stripes, Canadians believe that O'Toole has done a poor job as leader—46% to be exact.

Schindler's List In The Time Of Covid

February 2nd, 2022 | JH

I recently revisited Schindler’s List, a movie I hadn’t seen since the initial release back in 1993. For those readers who don’t remember or weren’t around back then, Schindler’s List dropped like a hammer onto movie theatres late in the year and went on to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards (in the days when the Oscars mattered) in 1994.

Truckers Protested Peacefully, Media Lied

February 2nd, 2022 | RR

In the days leading up to the 'Truckers For Freedom' protests in Ottawa, media and Liberals speculated and pontificated that the demonstrations would turn violent. At first, as the convoy rolled on, they tried to ignore it—but as it grew, the convoy became increasingly impossible to ignore. Before long, Canada's corporate media began to do what we all predicted they would. 

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