Poletical went live in January of 2012, off the heels of the 2011 Canadian federal election which saw the far left New Democrats form official opposition against a Conservative majority government. At the time, the Conservative Party was referred to by some pundits and commentators as “far right” and the long standing “centrist” Liberal Party was relegated to third place for the first time, meaning that Canada’s centre had fallen out, leaving a polarized political landscape. As a reflection of this new polarity, Poletical was founded as a new political medium for writers and thinkers outside of the pundit class to express their views and ideas. 

Originally designed to express polemical views from the left and right, Poletical reflected the duality of two political sides and the growing polarization in Canada and the United States. After only two months, left-leaning contributors disbanded and Poletical evolved into a right-leaning platform with the aim of spreading conservative and libertarian ideas in an environment largely dominated by liberal and left-leaning perspectives.

Today, Poletical acts as an outlet for right-leaning perspectives and ideas in a media environment that is still dominated by liberals and socialists. The black and white duality of our current political landscape requires a greater expanse of conservative and libertarian views in order to prevent one side from creating an effective monopoly on political discourse and information.  

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