The Ideal Presidential Ticket? What We Think 

October 1st, 2015 | Contributors  


Carter: Trump/Cruz

Donald Trump's number one qualification is that he is not a politician. He reminds us everyday and it's true. People may not like what he has to say or how he says it, but America needs Donald Trump. He and Ted Cruz have a similar plan to simplify the tax code, secure the border and make America an economic engine of the world. The two can unite the Tea Party movement and Trump alone can appeal to Democrat voters to beat Hillary Clinton. Recent polls have shown Trump appealing to voters of all stripes. Trump also has a tough foreign policy that establishment Republicans could learn to appreciate.

Norris: Rubio/Walker 

Marco Rubio is young, energetic and sends a very positive message overall, which clearly distinguishes him from the competition. Being Hispanic, he could be key to attaining a very important demographic. His excellent speaking abilities put him in a position for debates with someone like Hillary Clinton. Scott Walker brings the toughness and experience that will make up for the experience Rubio lacks. He's fought big unions and defunded Planned Parenthood. His economic record is excellent and he has lowered taxes significantly. Rubio and Walker compliment each other perfectly and would be a very difficult ticket for the Democrats to beat in 2016.

Rados: Fiorina/Romney

Hillary Clinton has said it herself. She told Ellen Degeneres that one of her merits is that she's a woman. If that's the case, Republicans can put Carly Fiorina up as a challenger. A Fiorina nomination takes away the one weapon Hillary has in her arsenal. If Americans want a woman, Carly Fiorina is ready and waiting. Unlike Hillary, who married her way to the top, Fiorina has worked her way to the top. She may not have always been successful at everything, but she hasn't always failed at everything. Hillary has a laundry list of failures and all of them make Fiorina look like a more competent contender. Aside from the fake scandals surrounding Bain Capital, Mitt Romney is one of the most squeaky clean candidates in American history.

Hodgson: Carson/Cotton

With the United States tinkering with the health care system, Dr. Carson, by virtue of being a doctor, has credibility on the issue. People care about healthcare. Black people will vote for him because he’s black. There are 18 million votes on the table right there that won’t show up otherwise. He’s not a media clown and he commands respect through his natural manner. Donald Trump is a clown. Fiorina is Romney in a dress. Christie is a fat goodfella. Paul has a horrible wig. Jindal is a nerd. Jeb is a Bush. The rest are religious Ken dolls past their expiration date. My choice for his running mate is Tom Cotton.

McGregor: Trump/Carson

Trump and Carson are two individuals trained to make decisions on facts. They want to make America great again. Carson is a physician. Trump is a successful businessman. Both are political outsiders that can speak their mind. Both are smart men. Both can be trusted to uphold the American constitution. Carson is also cautious about Muslims and immigration, as is Trump. Their views on gun control are a fit. They do not want the American population defenseless against a group of tyrants who have arms. 

Stone: Rubio/Paul

I was debating between picking a Rand Paul/Paul Ryan ticket, but the chances of Rand Paul winning the nomination seem to be slimming. It would have also been funny to see Paul Ryan's full name on all of the campaign signs, but realistically that name combination alone would have been enough to discourage that ticket. Rand Paul is a smart, constitutional conservative and doctor. After the debate, Marco Rubio seems to have surged, making a nomination more likely. He's smart, well spoken, passionate and Hispanic. Republicans need the Hispanic vote, but they also need Rand Paul's ideas. As of right now, this would be the ideal GOP ticket.