Three Reasons A Liberal Win Would Be Good For Conservatives

August 1st, 2021 | JH

Polls show the Liberals are going to win a majority in the upcoming election, but appearances can be deceiving. Poll spotting is a fool’s game as has been written about before at Poletical. The majority of people don’t pay attention to politics and it’s only in the last couple of weeks that polls have any predictive worth at all.

I suspect the Liberals won’t do nearly as well as people currently think, but if they do, so be it. For those of us not on board with woke progressive modernity, we shouldn’t lament the outcomes of elections. It’s our duty to thrive inside the madness despite our opposition to it. We need to build contra-narratives to the progressive status-quo. It’s also our duty to avoid despair and to look on the bright side… the Liberals winning a majority will have three positive consequences for us.

1. The Liberals will fully own their failure

The past six years have demonstrated weak and ridiculous Liberal leadership. You can only carry on like this for so long before real-life consequences begin to arise. The main problem on the horizon during their next term will be the financial damage to the country (especially over the past two years), and the hideous balance sheets that have made us one of the most indebted countries on Earth.

Credit agencies are downgrading provinces' credit worthiness which makes more provincial borrowing, more costly…possibly necessitating a federal bailout. The federal government itself is running unprecedented deficits with no real plan to stop. Justin Trudeau is replaying his father’s disastrous final term from 1980-84 and Canada is once again heading back into a catastrophic debt spiral.

The last time this happened, Trudeau took his “long walk in the snow” and quit, so Brian Mulroney was elected to come in and clean up the fiscal mess. This led to a lot of hard decisions which slowly branded the Progressive Conservatives as hard-hearted tax-raising jerks that needed to be destroyed…and they were.

By the time Jean Chretien and his band of Liberals came to power, they were forced to make even harder decisions, especially on the spending side of the equation and if it wasn’t for a heavily divided opposition, including a right-wing split between the Reform Party and the Progressive Conservatives, then Chretien likely would not have attained a majority in 1997.

This era of austerity in the 90s unfortunately led many conservatives to believe that voters rewarded political parties willing to make tough decisions regarding finances…committing to “balance budgets” became gospel. This ideological fealty towards fiscal conservatism has been killing conservative parties ever since.

This time, however, the Liberals will be forced to deal with the aftermath of their own policies from start to finish. They will be forced into the bad guy role regarding budget cuts and tax hikes. After four years of this, the public will be ready for a big change and hopefully (but not likely) that change will come in the form of a renewed, reformed and rejuvenated Conservative Party of Canada.

2. Erin O’Toole’s gambit to make the CPC Liberal-lite will have failed

If the Liberals win a majority, it will serve as a repudiation of the Conservative Party’s current plan to present themselves as Liberal-lite.

The progressive Cathedral (media, universities, courts, mainstream politics) is constantly trying to undermine real conservative opposition. They are always painting the Conservative Party as a scary, right-wing party of radicals and encouraging them to modernize and “move to the centre”. In order to attempt to win favour with the progressive Cathedral the Conservative Party is always capitulating and moving left.

Erin O’Toole is the latest in a long line of “conservatives” who talk the conservative talk in order to get a hold of the leadership of a party, but then immediately upon winning, switch ideologies in order to win favour with non-conservative voters. Rather than fight the zeitgeist of woke progressivism, “conservatives” like O’Toole desperately try to be acceptable to it. All our “conservative” politicians are currently in this mold,yearning wall-flowers desperate to be asked to dance by the popular progressive boys.

With a Liberal majority, perhaps the message will finally be clear. Selling out your base and cucking the party doesn’t lead to success. We’ve been preaching a new conservatism at Poletical for a long time now, and a big cleansing loss in 2021 is probably what is needed to make the Conservative party finally listen.

3. Conservative supporters might start to wake up to the fact that the system doesn’t work

Grass-roots conservatives have been trying for a long time to effect positive change. Their efforts over the decades have always resulted in participating in a rigged and corrupt system of liberal democracy that causes them to lose even when they win. You would think at some point people would stop banging their heads against the wall and look for new solutions… but you would be thinking wrong.

This is especially the case for Westerners. Westerners have never gotten proper representation from the traditional parties, so very early in the 20th century they began creating their own parties. The CCF and Social Credit were two big early successes. But the CCF became the NDP and devolved into the equivalent of being an Instagram influencer for the Liberal party, while the So-Creds eventually faded away.

Then everyone jumped on the Brian Mulroney bandwagon and learned very quickly that the status quo was firmly entrenched in Ottawa, regardless of party banner. This led to the creation of the Reform Party with the slogan, “The West Wants In!”. When that gamble failed to produce anything, the decision was made to expand the party into the Canadian Alliance. That too failed, so the “Unite the Right” bandwagon began.

Eventually we got Harper and the CPC for ten years… and basically nothing to show for it.

Now we’re ramping up The Maverick Party, which may very well be a pointless cul-de-sac for Western Independence and the Max Bernier party is trying to sell freedom and responsibility under the brand of the People’s Party. We’re going to try for balanced budgets and an elected Senate! Maybe THIS TIME it will be different!

How long is this going to go on for? How long are rubes going to keep shoveling their money at these grifters? How long will these fake battles keep occupying our time and energy?

The real problem is the system itself. Liberal democracy is increasingly an illusion and elections are mostly pantomime. Conservative voters working hard to participate in a system that is increasingly hostile to their very existence is like an old man on a hill punching at the wind in order to change the weather.

By all means, vote when the time comes, but if you are a conservative of any stripe you need to begin thinking more seriously about working towards your ideological goals outside of the current Cathedral. The Cathedral is rotting from the inside and real fundamental change may be arriving sooner than you think. Quibbling about an elected Senate is a distraction from developing the kind of power that is accessible to anyone willing to work toward it.

"It’s our duty to thrive inside the madness despite our opposition to it."

Read Rod Dreher’s Benedict Option or Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life. The future of politics is not going to be taking place in a “House of Commons” with a bunch of puppets shouting scripted lines at each other. It’s going to take place across kitchen tables and backyards. It’s going to be found in reality. It’s going to be found in family and friends and children. It’s going to be found in hard resources and practical skills. It’s going to be found in religion and technology and local community.

We live in a country in which statues of our first Prime Minister are being toppled with approval from our ruling class. The media is lying daily. Churches are being burned and our “leaders” don’t much care. Christian pastors are being arrested on the streets. Our federal debt has never been bigger and provinces are slowly going broke. International investment is fleeing. Free speech is dying. Cancel culture is growing.

We keep adjusting to the new normal after every step towards tyranny.

Covid should’ve shown people just how fake our notions of “rights” and “freedoms” truly are, but people refuse to give up on their beliefs about the system they know. Another Liberal majority should function as more nails in the coffin of Canada and sour the hopes and dreams of conservative “Reformers” in a much more fundamental fashion.


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