December 2019

Canadians Suffer From Self-Inflicted Wounds

CPC Leadership: These Four Could Have It

Election 2019: Ten Lessons For Conservatives

Liberal Toronto Is Sick

How To Win In The Age Of Climate Hysteria

Conservative Become Unwitting Pawns

The Western Standard Returns

November 2019

Canada Is A Parody

A Libertarian On Alberta's Independence

Quebec Is A Traitor State

Dear Jagmeet, Is It A Sin To Be Gay?

A Closer Look At Augusto Pinochet

Will Singh And Blanchet Cover Up Corruption?

No, Andrew Scheer Did Not Fail

October 2019 (Election Special)

Liberal Minority: What Probably Happens Now

Is This The Weirdest Election Since 1993?

Dear Canada, Don't Do It

Ten Types Of Men Who Will Vote Liberal

Your Vote Doesn't Matter

Maclean's Is Shamelessly Liberal

Andrew Scheer Needs A GST Cut

How A Surprise Conservative Majority Happens

End Foreign Aid, Help Canadians

Justin Trudeau's Alternate Reality

Justin Trudeau Is A Disaster

How A Last Minute Shift Could Produce A Majority

September 2019

Why Most Mass Shooters Are White Men

Few Good Scenarios For Conservatives

Reminder: Kent Hehr Is Terrible

Other Viewpoints For Conservatives

New Book, Adjustment Day, Hits Home

Anything Less Than A Majority Is A Loss

August 2019

Yes, Nazism Is Socialism

Quit Apologizing

Alberta: Alternatives To Separation

All Democrats Are Radicals, All Radicals Are Democrats

Using The PPC To Defeat Fake Conservatives

July 2019

The Truth About Uneducated Conservatives

It's Right And Normal To Judge Based On Culture

Billionaires Are A Threat To Freedom

Sticking With Andrew Scheer

We Can End The Sleazy Political Class

Alberta Needs A New Way To Fight

Women And Effeminate Men More Easily Triggered

June 2019

The Myth Of Successful Socialism

Gender Gaps Are Not A Problem

My Trip Back To 1998

To Hell With Billionaires And Monopolies

Poll: Racism Less Of A Problem, But...

Michael Cooper Told The Truth

May 2019

Trudeau Is Blowing His Party's Second Chance

What Alberta's Election Tells Us

Thank God, Joe Biden Is Running

Jason Kenney Is A Necessary Evil

Trudeau Is Buying Feminist Votes

Trudeau's Arrogance Is Boundless

April 2019

Alberta's Nightmare Is Over

A Conservative Majority? Not So Fast

Beto O'Rourke Is Too Weird

Vaccinate All Immigrants And...

Things I Hate About Elections

A Review: Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules

The Rot Of Modern Feminism

March 2019

Media Ignores Key Hate Crime Facts

Bernie Sanders Has No Chance

Downsides To Alberta's Realignment

Ten Reasons Trump Will Lose

Stephen Harper's Long Game

February 2019

Activists Looking To Out Kenney

The Truth About Burnaby South

Are We Losing Generation Z?

The Worst Of 2020 Democrats

First Nations Need Borders

What Is Donald Trump?

January 2019

The Trudeau Nightmare

More Pain Ahead, Even With Kenney

Brazil Should Liberate Venezuela?

Why The PPC And FCP Matter

How Rich Is Nancy Pelosi

It's Fight Or Separate


December 2018

Keep Attacking The Media

Should Alberta Default On Its Debt?

Broward County Is Corrupt

Crenshaw, The GOP's Next Star

Bad Review: Harper's New Book

November 2018

How To Rig An American Election

The Truth About The Acosta Video

Don't Give Municipalities More Power

Trudeau's Saudi Arabia Problem

Scott Brison And The Maritime Mafia

I've Lost Faith In Democracy

An Average Defence Of John Carpay

October 2018

Trump Wouldn't Survive Canada

Early Polling Data Has No Value

There Will Be Blue

Does Canada Need Immigration?

Hillary Clinton's Latest Hypocrisy

September 2018

Trudeau Cutting Deals With Democrats

Don't Worry About Maxime Bernier

Yes, Idris Elba Can Be James Bond

John Brennan Is More Than A Communist

Trudeau Is A National Disgrace

Talking To Faith Goldy

August 2018

We Need Bernier's Ideas, Not Him

Ten Reasons I'm No Longer Libertarian

Where Did Speech Police Come From?

This Is What 2019 Will Look Like

Alberta Separation Is A Great Idea

Russia Meddled, Obama Did Nothing

Oil Was The Right Investment

Conservatives Can Win Burnaby South

July 2018

Fildebrandt Has A Risky Plan

There Will Be A Blue Wave

Embrace The Badass, Deflect The Scandals

Turkey Is Now A Rising Threat

Three Things We Can Learn From Hitler's Vienna

June 2018

Will Kenney Cuck?

Let Bernier Attack Supply Management

Enough With The Tax Credits

The Truth About Right-Wing Women

Trump Getting Played By China

June 7: Ontario's Liberal Era Ends

Stop Calling Ape Jokes Racist

May 2018

Tories Can't Rely On A Strong NDP

Should Alberta Join Montana?

Destroying Gender And Facts

Canada's Charter Has One Big Flaw

April 2018

Trudeau Is Losing The Media

Leave Nora Loreto Alone

We Are Due For A One-Term President

Trade Partners Use Canada For Access

Five Reasons Trudeau Could Resign

The Jordan Peterson Revolution

March 2018

Let's Support Conservative Journalism

Who Is Behind "Non-Partisan" Anti-Ford Website?

Tories Should Weaponize The Senate

Spy Agencies Should Hate Censorship

Everything Is Racist Because It Pays

Why They're Really Attacking The NRA

Is Male Circumcision Barbaric?

February 2018

Is The CBC Dividing Us?

Media Frenzy: Early Britons Were Black

Doug Ford vs. The Elites

Ten Reasons Trump Should Open The Borders With Canada

Who Is Axios Media?

Don't Fall For Rachel Notley's Bullshit

Saskparty: Risk And Reward

January 2018

Twitter's Purge Will Affect Right-Wing Moderates

Conservatives Need These Policy Pivots

Jagmeet's Collapsing NDP Has Hope

Trump's Year Of Winning

The Saskparty Is Under Threat


December 2017

Ten Reasons Kenney Could Lose

Conservatives Don't Need Weed

Liberalism Is Immoral

Why Roy Moore Shouldn't Quit

November 2017

Climate Change vs. Energy Poverty

Explaining Patrick Brown

Trump Won't Survive If This Happens

Justin Trudeau Rewards Corruption

Five Of The Least Diverse Nations

Reactance: How Things Backfire

October 2017

What Else Does Hollywood Cover Up?

Notice These Red Flags

Hollywood Will Be Dead By 2025

Seinfeld, The Anthem And Electoral College Are Next

The Great American Purge

September 2017

Jagmeet Singh Scares Justin Trudeau

You Can Be The New Media

Rebel Is Severely Wounded

Lay Waste To Kim Jong Un Now

A History Of Category 5 Hurricanes

Andrew Scheer Has A Job To Do

Procter & Gamble Must Drop CNN

Lord Of The Butterflies?

Rachael Harder Represents Real Women

August 2017

Trudeau Betrayed First Nations

Antifa Is To Blame For Charlottesville

Mobs On Demand: About Paid Protesters

Get Ready For The Next Recession

Chatelaine Straight Up Lies

The Glorification Of Victimhood

Ten Ways Conservatives Do It Better

The Trump-Sessions Feud Is A Ploy

July 2017

Alberta: Who Will Lead Conservatives?

Democrats Destroyed Illinois

It's Time To End CNN

Money Won't Fix Our Corrupted Education System

Ten Things Andrew Scheer Must Do

Meet The Population Council

Fire With Fire

June 2017

Sex Wars: The Fall Of Western Dominance

Ayn Rand On Libertarians

Thank This Country For Your Public Healthcare

Let's Hijack The NDP

Open Borders Are About White Supremacy

The Social Conservative Lie

Derek Fildebrandt On Unity

The People Rule Britain Again

Andrew Scheer's Paris Strategy

May 2017

Maxime Bernier's Final Stretch

Ten Academics Helping The Right

Brad Wall's Horrible Mistake

Be Wary Of Universal Basic Income

Who Challenges Trump In 2020?

Conservatives: Check Yourselves

Call It A Coalition

April 2017

Dear BC, Don't Vote NDP

Revolutionary Communists Recruit On The Prairies

Sex And Child Trafficking In Canada: What We Know

The Real Russian Connections

Fiscal Insolvency: The Trudeau Budget

Should Fox News Fire Shepard Smith?

Italy Is About To Fall

Geopolitics: Trump Will Fall In Line

How Soros Took Down O'Reilly

March 2017

CPC Leadership: Five Best Policies

American Pedophilia: What We Know

Was Obama About Race Or Ancestry?

The Education System Is The Problem

This Is Canadian Nationalism

A Conversation With Andrew Scheer

A Conversation With Erin O'Toole

CPC Race: The Top Four To Rank

M-103: How To Beat Fake Conservatives

Stephen Harper Could Unite Alberta

February 2017

A Libertarian View: CPC Leadership

The Real Power Of Trump

Secure Borders Are Libertarian

Why Your Silence Is Liberating

Tories: Adapting To Electoral Reform

Conservatives Who Voted Against Free Speech

January 2017

Things Barack Obama Destroyed

Obama: A Legacy Of Abject Failure

The Future Belongs To Seniors

Five Winners In A Field Of Losers

Obama's Real, Scandalous Legacy

Conservatives Should Buy RRSPs


December 2016

Pedophilia And Politics: The Dark Truth

Keep The CBC, With Big Changes

The Great Depression Lesson

Castro's Death: Yes, It Is "Good Riddance"

An Open Letter To Brad Wall

Alberta's Deplorable NDP

Lock Her Up, Alberta!

November 2016

America Won, California Didn't

Astroturfing: Inside The War On Canadian Oil

Why Michigan Needs Trump

Why Liberals Will Fail The Economy

Conservatives Need Union Support

Substance In The Tory Race

For Gun Enthusiasts: Other Ways To Protect Yourself

October 2016

Two Elections Show How Hillary Could Lose

Five Women Better Than Hillary

What's Safety-Whistle Politics

Canadian Values Are Real

Three Things That Could Derail Trump

Who Replaces Peter MacKay?

September 2016

Five Traits Needed To Win CPC Leadership

Michael Chong Is Wrong

The Green Party Dances With The Devil

A Second Trump Will Rise

The Media Will Destroy Jill Stein

Don Atchison Needs His Pink Slip

The Social License Fallacy

August 2016

Trudeau Leads With Hypocrisy

It's A Good Time To Invest In Oil

Six Alberta Political Myths Debunked

Meet Twitter's Second In Charge

Erdogan: Turkey's Fall Into Fascism

Ted Cruz: An Enemy Within

July 2016

CPP Increase: A Solution To Nothing

Tories Must Support CPP Expansion

Yes, Andrew Scheer Should Run

Let's Briefly Indulge A Crazy Person

Salon's Latest Racial Fail

June 2016

A Strategy For Fiscal Conservatives

Hillary Is A Basket Case

Our Electoral System Is Fine

Will America Sell Out To Thugs?

The Trump Doctrine: A Radical Change

A Homosexualist Conspiracy, Not

May 2016

A Conversation With Max Bernier

Brown's Carbon Tax Can Work

How To End The Bathroom Debate

Trump Will Take From Bernie

Regina Needs A New Mayor

Inclusive Conservatism

April 2016

Canada Needs Pro-Natal Policies

Clinton Emails: Billionaire Power Brokers

Ted Cruz Is Not Who I Thought

Conservatives Against Deficits

Rape: The Burden Of Proof Must Be Strong

Leave Karla Homolka Alone

March 2016

Saul Alinsky's Chicago

Trump Has It

This Bud's For A Democrat

Ambrose Should Save Alberta

Rethinking Minimum Wage Policy

Language Fluency Is Non-Negotiable

February 2016

Breaking Electoral Reform

Angela Merkel Is A Disgrace

Establishment Panic

Trudeau's Syrian Inconsistency

Yes, Mackay Should Run

January 2016

2016: There Will Be Tears

Why Mackay Shouldn't Bother

Trump, Not A Democrat

Know The Nicknames

Yes, O'Leary Should Run


December 2015

Forget Mergers, Choose The Wildrose

O'Toole Must Lead The Conservatives

Why They Want Open Borders

Your Kids Belong To The Media

A New War On Internet Freedom

November 2015

An Anti-Harper, Liberal Government

Delusional Mulcair Won't Let Go

Ten Post-Election Points For Tories

Conservatives Don't Have To Keep Losing

How About Harper Mountain?

October 2015

Liberal Policy: Forget The Poor

A History Of Bad Polling

5 Ways To Protect Our Democracy

How A Liberal Victory Was Ruined

Ralph's Overdue Goodbye

An Alberta Warning

Ideal GOP Ticket? What We Think

September 2015

Albertans Have Rejected The NDP

Rick Grimes, Hardcore Conservative?

An Election Hijacked By Duffy

Forget Duffy, Look At Thomas Mulcair

Climate Change Entrapment In Alberta

Social Media Won't Change The Election

August 2015

Two Shootings, Two Different Outcomes

Stockholm Syndrome In Calgary

Ten Populist Ideas For Harper

Edmonton Isn't A Bad Place For Women

An Anti-Harper, NDP Government

July 2015

About Erasing Canada's First Nations

The Other Tim Horton's Mess

The NDP's Expense Hypocrisy

Leela Aheer And Alberta's Future

Meeting A Libertarian, Dave Reesor

Beggar Thy Neighbour

June 2015

Harper Can Learn From Bush 41

Rand Paul Steals The Thunder

Regina Cracks Under Pressure

Alberta Could Stay Orange

A Red Flag For Harper

May 2015

How To End Pot Zealotry

Conservatives Don't Lose With A Minority

Alberta: What Should Happen

Good Old Ralph Goodale

Deja Vu In Alberta

April 2015

Elizabeth May, BC's Crazy Cat Lady

Why Ted Cruz Can Win

Why Conservatives Should Cut GST

Money, Hegemony And Oil Prices

The Three Pawns

March 2015

Conservatives Lose With A Minority

5 Things Media Wants Us To Fear

Giving Up On Fiscal Conservatism

Trudeau's Tax Binge

The Liberal Carbon Scheme

Q&A With Drew Barnes

February 2015

Political Correctness Inc.

The Politics Behind Sniper Criticism

Myth: Fiscally Conservative Social Liberal

Saskatchewan Is Still Behind

Playing With Numbers

January 2015

Abortion's Unhappy Medium

Saudi Arabia: Knocking Out Harper

Undoing America

Wildrose: 10 Points To Ponder

Clueing in, In 2015

A Short Word On Charlie Hebdo


November 2014

What Would Jack Say?

Losing Touch With The Grass Roots

Fanning The Latent Hostilities

Uniting Psychopaths: Radical Islam In Canada

Radical And Non-Radical Islam

October 2014

Harper Isn't Tough Enough

Oil And Capitalism Can Stop Ebola

Romney's Third Time Charm

The Goldkind Surprise

September 2014

Following The Anti-Oil Money

Winter Soldier vs. Libertarian Warrior

28,000 Birds And Counting

Trudeau's Third Way

Wildrose Problems: Liberals And Big Cities

August 2014

Trudeau's American Liberalism

Choosing The Right Side In Conflict

As The World Burns

Canadian Oil: Up Your Game

Dumb Things Feminists Say

July 2014

Israel Is Morally Superior

Calgary Punishes Its Poor

Recycling For Conservatives

Trinity-Spadina Changes Nothing

Trudeau's Economy Of Ruin

June 2014

Hudak's One Million Enemies

Can Alberta Trust Prentice?

Media Chews Up Harper And Mulcair

Why I Was Wrong About Ontario

Who Is Ari Goldkind?

May 2014

Canada Needs A Nuclear Option

The Corruption Of Liberalism

Trudeau's Anti-Moral Agenda

Soknacki, A Spice Dealer With Potential

Election 2015: Your Choices

April 2014

The GOP Battle: Paul vs. Cruz

Christian Heritage Offers An Alternative

Mulcair The Hypocrite

The Canadian Nanny State

30% Approve Of Calgary Council

March 2014

America Evolving: Six Californias

The Sask Party Can Keep Winning

Wake Up, Conservatives

Harper Needs Minimum Wage

Poll: Three Way Race, Without Quebec

February 2014

Income Equality: Undesirable, Unattainable

Ten Big Ideas For 2015

Bevin v.s. McConnell

Gun Control Unchained

Trudeau's Pig Tax Economy

January 2014

Master Economist And Strategist

2014: Year Of The Republicans

Apples, Oranges, Public, Private

Media Bias: Framing Our Perspectives


December 2013

Yes, Liberals Admire Dictators

Polls And Trudeau Are Failing

Learning From Canadian Conservatives

Wealthy Criminals, Bankrupt Media

Champions Of Free Trade

Federal Election Poll Results, 2013

A Mulcair Christmas (Fiction)

November 2013

Harper's House Of Cards

Shallow Democracy

Sticking With Harper

Cutting The Deficit Faster


October 2013

The Doomed Left

How To Starve The Government

Fluoride And The Role Of Government

Ted Cruz Is Unstoppable

September 2013

Canada Needs A Debt Ceiling

Liberalism Linked To Low IQ

Term Limits Have Purpose

The Republicans Of 2016

The NDP's Prejudice

Nenshi, Telekinesis, And Anti-Oil

August 2013

Contradiction? Being Gay And Conservative

Safe Injection Is A Fallacy

Calgary's War On Cars

The Left Doesn't Get It

We Don't Need Euthanasia

July 2013

Don't Change Prostitution Laws

Conservatives And Consistency

Reasons To Not Love Nenshi

Bernier Top Choice For Tories

Chow Down, Toronto

Calgary: In Need Of Real Change

June 2013

Worse Than Bush, Less Successful

Harper's Replacements - Part 3

Destroying Rob Ford

BC Chooses Lesser Evil

May 2013

Harper's Replacements - Part 2

Schooling Misguided Conservatives

The Death Of Left-Wing Credibility

Cut Them All

Destroying A Society

April 2013

Harper's Replacements - Part 1

Voter's Remorse

Shrugged Happens

The GOP Will Love Gay Marriage

Cam Broten: SaskParty Threat


March 2013

Alberta's Looming PST

10 Things The Left Gets Wrong

A New Idea From Quebec

Hollywood's Union Way

America's Historical Fable: Abe Lincoln

February 2013

The "Gun Nut" Narrative

Conservatives Against Harper

Equality, No Way!

Economic Discrimination

January 2013

Conservatives Hate Black People

No Lessons Learned In Calgary

Averting Doomsday

2012 Mainstream Media Report


December 2012

Did Bin Laden Win?

Actually, The Polls Were Wrong

A Revolution In The Ranks

Replacing Naheed Nenshi

November 2012

Three Radical Ideas

Building Bandwagons

Trudeau: A Conservative Dream

Ending Emotocracy

Defending The Electoral College

October 2012

The Rise Of Pro-Life Atheism

The Conservative Avengers

Breaking Obama And The Media

Regina's Brass Solution

Canadians Want A Stronger Military


September 2012

Anti-Americanism In Canada

Guns In America

Beware The Interlopers

Sask NDP: Gone For Good

Ending The Obama Era

Goodbye Quebec, Unions, And Mainstream News?

August 2012 

Why Harper Will Beat The NDP

Regina's Misplaced Priorities

Death To The Filibuster

Redford For Prime Minister

How Democrats Corrupted A Nation


July 2012

NDP Rising

Naheed Nenshi's Contradictions 

Climate Science Running Cold

How ObamaCare Hurts Obama 

Problems Of The Subnormal Voter

If A Quake Doesn't Sink Hollywood, We Will


June 2012

Dividing The Country, Mulcair's Way

Liberal Media Is Tanking

Adapt Or Die: Piracy And Big Government

Love, Lies, And Diversions

We Are Not Running Out

If Looks Matter, Conservatives Have That Too


May 2012

The NDP's Ignorance

The Wildrose: Moving Forward

I Want Your Attention

NDP Voters Don't Know Party History

One Road: Authoritarianism

America's Racial Obsession


April 2012

The NDP's Dark History

The Wildrose Revolution

The Gay Word

Despicable Acts Of Anonymity

Maintaining The Conservative Majority

A Disturbing Narrative

Mistakes In High Places: Obama's Elite Friends

Robocall Scandal Deserves More Attention


March 2012

The Failure Of Liberal Self-Awareness

Tory Voters Vote Newt Gingrich

Oil, Trade, War

Killing The Gray: Why Freedom Is Black And White

The White Knights


February 2012

Mainstream Media And Distortions Of Capitalism

American Term Oil

CBC: Curbing The Bias

The Edmonton Problem

Fails Of Pacifism

Drug Laws And Current Trends

Most Electable: Romney


January 2012

Canada's New Future

Where Were They? Highlighting MP Absenteeism

The Honourable Taxpayer

Goodbye, Queen?

Canada's Tax Dinosaurs

Financiers Of 2012

The Iran Cordon

Paul's Responsibility Factor